Internet safety -

Internet safety -

Internet Safety Parents Guardians Community APPS YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUTH ARE USING

What you dont know can hurt your child GAMING APPS QUIZ. Gaming Playing with strangers is the norm.

Deactivating your childs account WILL NOT cancel the child's account. Matchmaking features utilize scores and location Gaming: Potential Risks

Exposure to sexually explicit material Cyberbullying can occur Child Predator interact ion may occur Encourages violence

Gaming Continued Tips: Utilize block features that allow who can hear your child while gaming. There are age requirements for setting up Live services on game consoles.

Make your permission mandatory for communication. SOCIAL MEDIA APPS

Reach of leading social media and networking sites used by teenagers and young adults in the United States as of February 2016 Snapchat Facebook Instagram Twitter Kik

Pinterest Vine Tumblr Google Plus Whats App LinkedIn

Tinder 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 SEXTING & CYBERBULLYING Definition: sending sexually explicit text or photographs from

mobile devices. The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

Can You Read This Message? Bob: A/S/L Leah: 15/F/RALEIGH Leah: U Bob: 45/M/RALEIGH

Bob: LMNRL Leah: W? Bob: *$ @ 4. Leah: GTG, POS or TAW Learning

How to Keep Our Children Safe Online Using a S.M.A.R.T approach. The S.M.A.R.T Approach

S= Safeguard M=Monitor A= Accountability R=Regulate T=Talk

S= Safeguard Inappropriate Content Online Privacy Online Sexual Solicitation M=Monitor

1. Talk First 2. Check-in 3. Set rules 4. Computers dont belong in the bedroom 5. Turn-off router connections at a particular time

A= Accountability WHATS OKAY WHATS NOT OKAY Pictures of Family & Certain kinds of personal

Friends (with information permission) Casual conversation in a game

R= Regulate Establish expectation for online behavior Set consequences for inappropriate posts Talk about inappropriate

usernames Review comments and pictures Talk about what their friends are posting

T=Talk Risks Warning Signs Privacy Relationships Call the Police

Netiquette Rules: Never Share Personal Information Think Before You Post Avoid Passing on Rumors Dont Get Involved with Cyber

bullying Double Check Your Privacy Settings Treat Others with Respect Dont Steal Content

The Grooming Process Establish a secret relationship Using the telephone and setting up the meeting Why do young people want to meet

adults? Warning Signs Time spent online Pornography Phone use

Unsolicited mail and gifts Concealing computer content Behavior change Using different online account Safe Search Engines For Children

Continued Age Search Engine 7+

Tweens Browser URL: 8+

10+ KidsClick URL: Zilladog URL:

DuckDuckGo URL: 13+

SweetSearch URL: 15+ Google Scholar

URL: Additional Ways to Safeguard Childrens Use beyond Browsers one

/ ental-controls/#. VyNV5EwrLcs Safe Search Engines For Children

by Age Age Search Engine 3+

Zoodles URL: 4+

Kidoz URL: 5+ 6+

KidZui URL: KOLjr. URL: ASK Kids

URL: KidInfo URL:

Dont let them be afraid! Discussion Forum: Questions or Concerns? Site Page:


Contact Information: Natalie Wood Rich North Carolina Department of Justice Phone: 919-716-6073 Email: [email protected]

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