Intersection Safety -

Intersection Safety -

Intersection Safety How to Safely Approach and Pass Through an Intersection Intersection Safety Overview Intersection Facts Approach Strategy Proceeding through the Intersection Safety at a Stop Light Safety at a Stop Sign Safety at a Roundabout Intersection Facts According to the Federal Highway Administration: Approximately 2.5 million intersection accidents occur each year 40% of all crashes involve intersections, 2nd only to rear end collisions 165,000 (est) accidents occur annually in intersections caused by red

light runners 700-800 fatalities per year occur due to red light runners 3 Source: Approach Strategy Plan ahead to get in the correct lane before arriving at the intersection. Dont change lanes at an intersection. If you find yourself in the wrong lane, proceed normally and make the correction when you have more time. Use your turn signal deliberately, other drivers may make decisions based on what your signal is telling them.

Keep your hands on the wheel and be prepared to brake by moving your foot to the brake pedal to prepare for braking. Slow down at least as fast as the car in front of you when braking in case they 4 stop earlier than you are expecting. Approach Strategy, cont. When coming to a stop, keep at least a car length between you and the person in front of you. You will have an escape plan if needed and youll be insulated from the car in front of you if you get rear ended. Upon approach inspect the intersection. Look for signs, lights, signals, pedestrians, etc. Be aware of anything that could potentially cause an accident. Watch for other vehicles and be aware of their intentions. This

will help you react defensively. Keep your wheel straight and your foot on the brake while waiting to cross the intersection. 5 Proceeding Through the Intersection Look both ways before going through the intersection. A stop sign or red light arent going to prevent someone from coming through anyway. If traffic is stacking up in the middle of intersection, dont enter until you know you can get all the way through and as long as the light is still green. Dont forget, changing lanes at an intersection is both illegal and dangerous. Follow the pace of traffic so your actions are predictable to others.

6 Safety at a Stop Light Dont assume a red light will stop an oncoming vehicle. Be cautious of stale green lights, or traffic lights that you havent seen turn green. They could change to yellow at any time. Dont lead through the intersection, when a traffic light When changes, count 3 seconds making

a right turn at abefore red light, be sure to come to a proceeding. complete stop first. Make sure there are no posted restrictions 7 and check for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians before executing the turn. When turning left without a protected arrow, do not wait in the middle of the intersection for an opportunity to go through. If the traffic lights are not functioning, treat the intersection as a four way stop. Safety at a Stop Sign Use the painted white line as your

8 guide, going past it increases the risk youll end up in the intersection in the event you get rear ended. Pay attention to right of way. If unsure, it is always better to skip a turn rather than risking getting into an accident. Dont advance as soon as the car in front of you starts to move. There is a chance they will change their mind, causing you to rear end them. A rolling stop DOES NOT equal stopping at a stop sign. Even if the intersection seems clear, make a full stop and check all directions before

9 Safety at a Roundabout/Traffic Be aware that the vehicles already in the roundabout have the right Circle of way. Never stop in the roundabout unless required by traffic flow.

Stay in your lane. Some roundabouts have multiple lanes that require you to go straight or turn. If you find yourself in the wrong lane, follow the instructions of that lane and turn around to try again at the next opportunity. Always use your signal to enter and exit the roundabout, but dont always trust other drivers to be using theirs properly. Watch for pedestrians and cyclists. Roundabouts can be more dangerous for them. Since roundabouts are relatively uncommon, some drivers may not know how to properly navigate them. Review Questions 1. What is a stale green light? 1. A green light that you didnt see turn green. 2. What percent of traffic accidents involve intersections?

2. 40% 3. What should you do if you find yourself in the wrong lane as you approach an intersection? 3. Proceed through the intersection in your current lane and make the correction when you find yourself in a safer position. 4. Who has the right of way in a roundabout/traffic circle? 4. Traffic that is already in the roundabout/traffic circle.

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