Introducing… The Twelve Apostles - FaithCentral

Introducing… The Twelve Apostles - FaithCentral

9T R.E. List Jesus twelve apostles and distinguish important facts about each Introducing The Twelve Apostles a.k.a. The Twelve JCs Homies

Simon called Peter Was a simple fisherman The name Peter means Rock One of the closest disciples Became the leader of the Church after Jesus death

Was crucified upside down John Was another close disciple He was known as The beloved by Jesus Took care of Mary after Jesus death

James The brother of John Probably the first of the twelve to be martyred Along with John was called by Jesus the Sons of Thunder

Andrew Was another fisherman Was the brother of Simon Peter Used to follow John the Baptist before becoming a disciple of Jesus

Philip Another Fisherman Was one of the first disciples Also recruited Bartholomew Phillip found the boy with the loaves and fishes that fed the five thousand

Bartholomew Was also called Nathaniel A good friend of Philip Died by being beheaded Matthew

Was a tax collector Gave up his riches to follow Jesus Probably the author of the Gospel of Matthew Thomas

Called the Twin Doubted that Jesus had risen from the Dead until he could see Jesus in person Hence the term Doubting Thomas James

Was often called James the less to distinguish him from the other James Was probably shorter than the other James Simon Was

a Zealot, which means he was a member of a Jewish political party that wanted to free Israel from the rule of Romans Gave up his political aspirations after becoming a follower of Jesus Jude

Also called Thaddeus Closely linked with Simon the Zealot Went to Persia to preach and was martyred there Judas Iscariot

Was the treasurer of the group His love of money drove him to betray Jesus to his enemies Judas hanged himself in despair

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