Introduction to Design Briefs - Lancaster High School

Introduction to Design Briefs - Lancaster High School

Forging new generations of engineers Introduction to Design Briefs

At the conclusion of this lesson, you will be able to explain what a design brief is and why it is used in the design process. identify the different parts of a design brief. differentiate between a problem statement and a design statement.

Step #2: Defining the Problem Design Process Many variations of the design process exist, and almost all of them require a

problem to be defined after it has been recognized. Identify the Problem Define the

Problem Step #1 Step #2 Design Brief One way to define the problem is through

the use of a design brief. brief This concise document (no more than one page) identifies the client, clearly states his/her problem or need, details the degree to which the engineer will carry out the solution, and lists the rules and limits within which the engineer must

perform. Design Brief The design brief serves as an agreement between the client and the engineer. The engineer will often

return to the design brief throughout the design process in order to gage the progress and validity of the creative work. The Client

The Client The client is usually a person, company, organization, or target consumer group whose problem or need requires the talents of an engineer/designer to develop a physical solution (electrical, mechanical, structural, software, etc).

The Designer The Designer The designer is the creative problemsolver. Engineers are only one type of designer. They perform engineering design the application of math, science

and engineering principles to the creation and development of systems components and processes. Problem Statement

Problem Statement The problem statement clearly and concisely identifies the problem. A problem statement must never imply or state a solution. The solution is not the problem.

Problem Statement Example of a good problem statement: My school locker is a mess. I can never find a pen, pencil or calculator. My homework is always getting lost; my lunch gets crushed under a sea of books and binders. Because of the clutter, it is hard to close my locker

door completely. Problem Statement Example of a poor problem statement: My locker needs a Lockermate so that I can get my locker more organized. Note: In this case, a Lockermate is a

fictitious brand name of an alreadyexisting solution to the problem. Design Statement Design Statement The design statement challenges the engineer to take action to address the

need and to solve the problem. It must specify the degree to which the engineer will carry out the solution. The design statement may also contain an underlying theme or very important constraint. Design Statement

A good design statement should not unintentionally bias the engineers creative thought process by using terminology that suggests an already existing solution. Design Statement Example of a good design statement:

Design, model, and test a high school locker organization system that will neatly contain items commonly used and kept in school. Design Statement Example of a poor design statement: Design a Lockermate for a high

school locker. Note: Redesigning a Lockermate is not the purpose of the activity. The word Lockermate may serve to bias the designer, and narrow his/her creativity. Constraints

Constraints Giving an engineer an unlimited amount of time and money to complete a job is impractical. Limitations must be imposed. Constraints can be thought of as guidelines that must be followed, or rules that must not be broken.

Constraints Example of constraints: Time Safety Budget

Aesthetics Established Codes Materials & Manuf. Processes Physical Attributes (size, weight, color, etc.)

Constraints Often, new constraints are discovered that were not obvious in the beginning stages of the design process. Because constraints are given in list form, they may be added to as the design process plays itself out.


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