Introduction to Developing Effective Partnerships

Introduction to Developing Effective Partnerships

Developing Partnerships and Resources to Better Serve Students with Disabilities Overview

PRH Requirements The Benefits of Partnerships Picking your Partners and Resources Potential Partners and Resources Tips and Strategies What to Consider when Seeking Partnerships and Resources Successful Center Partnerships and Resources 2 PRH Requirements PRH 6.14, R6 (a-c) Partnerships and Resources

3 Requirements PRH 6.14, R6 Partnerships and Resources Requirements: PRH 6:Section 6.14, R6 (a-c) a. Each center must develop resources and partnerships with outside agencies and programs that will assist the center in serving students with disabilities. Special focus should be given to developing resources and partnerships that can assist the center in identifying or providing accommodation support that promotes student

independence and employability. 4 Requirements PRH 6.14, R6 Partnerships and Resources b. Appropriate staff should be involved in the process. c. Each center will document efforts to develop resources/partners by completing either the Disability Partnership Tool or the Customized Disability Partnership Tool.

5 The Benefits of Partnerships and Resources 6 Benefits of Partnerships and Resources Because of the increasing numbers of students with disabilities enrolling in Job Corps, there is an

increase in the demand for additional support services that could be helped through community partners Partnerships could help to provide Access to resources in an effort to meet the varying needs of Job Corps students during and after their completion of Job Corps An opportunity to increase community awareness about the Job Corps program 7 Benefits of Partnerships and

Resources Potential partners may be able to provide: Testing and assessment services Staff and student training Job development and retention services

Career development assistance Career transition services Access to assistive technologies Additional funding for student needs and services 8 Picking Your Partners and Resources: Where to Begin? The Disability Partnership Tool 9

Disability Partnership Tool Provides information about disability-related organizations that exist in most communities Additional local partnership and resource opportunities can be added to the tool Maintained by the Disability Coordinators (DCs) and presented during reviews to document efforts to establish partnerships and resources DCs should maintain copies of Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) or formal agreements 10

Disability Partnership Tool 11 Customized Disability Partnership Tool 12 Potential Partnerships and Resources

13 Americans with Disabilities Act National Network Ten regional centers Provides information, guidance, and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 14 Bookshare

Provides individuals with print disabilities access to digitized audio books Free for Job Corps centers/eligible students Audio version materials can be used with eBooks, computers, tablets, Smartphones, MP3 players, and other assistive technology Dedicated Job Corps Library a collection of textbooks often used at centers 15 Centers for Independent Living

(CILs) Nonprofit agency that is designed and operated within local communities by individuals with disabilities Assist people with disabilities in becoming independent within their community Core services include: Housing Support Groups Training -directory 16

Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) DEI is a collaboration between the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and the Employment and Training Administration The goal of this initiative is to improve effective and meaningful participation of people with disabilities in the workforce system Grant awards to state workforce agencies to support American Job Centers

17 Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) (cont.) 18 Easter Seals Workforce Development Services Easter Seals offers employment training by providing an individualized approach to identify

goals, objectives, and planning needs Provides assistance with assistive technology and job accommodations -training/ 19 Goodwill Industries International, Inc. Goodwill Industries International, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides job training,

employment placement services, and other community-based programs for individuals with disabilities. Services Include Technical training Connect with local work incentives planning Placement and support services 20 Learning Disability Association of America (LDA)

The LDA provides: Information about Learning Disabilities for all age groups Information specifically for teachers about LD Information on other disabilities such as mental health impairments and epilepsy Resources A list of state chapters with contacts 21 National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Nations largest organization for mental illness Advocates for access to services, treatment, supports and research Provides free support groups, education, and advocacy for people with mental illness and their families

22 Office of Disability Employment Policy/State Liaison ODEP provides national leadership by: Developing and influencing disability-related employment policy Practice affecting the employment of people with disabilities Each state has an ODEP liaison office to inform

the public about specific resources within the community 23 State Assistive Technology Act Programs Work to improve the provision of assistive technology to individuals with disabilities of all ages through comprehensive statewide programs of technology-related assistance

Provides training, technical assistance, loan programs, and other services 24 Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services include Counseling Education Training Job Placement

Services on center can include Testing Specialized services are available for persons with sight and hearing disabilities /resources/index.

cfm Technology Assessments Equipment And other services to assist them in completing their program 25 Tips and Strategies 26

Tips and Strategies Partnerships and Resources take time! You shouldnt try to do it aloneinvolve other staff. Decide what you want to accomplish in this partnership or resource What do you have to offer? Do your research and homework. 27

Make it a Team Effort Collaborate with other staff Determine if you already have partners or resources that may benefit the needs of the Disability Program Discuss the areas the Disability Program needs additional support (i.e., assessments) to target the appropriate partners and resources Ask your Center Mental Health Consultant and other clinicians if they are aware of community partners or resources that would benefit

students with disabilities 28 What to Consider When Seeking Partnerships and Resources 29 Points to Consider Before pursuing a partnership or resource, make sure there is a definite need

Be committed to the process of establishing the partnership or resource Decide which staff members will be liaisons or contacts, and ensure they: Can commit to the time required Understand the importance of follow-through after the partnership or resource has been established 30 What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Employers seeking to hire individuals with disabilities? Technology devices and accommodation assistance? Independent living assistance for students completing the program? Developing a larger network of community

partners and resources to assist with developing supportive WBL sites? New or updated testing and evaluations of students functional abilities and limitations? 31 What Does Job Corps Have to Offer? Provide partners with hiring needs, a large pool of trained employees who are ready and willing to go to work if given a chance. Several government agencies are a part of the

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) which mandates they partner with other WIOA programs such as Job Corps. Job Corps training goes far beyond teaching technical skills. Employability skills are emphasized every single day and in every area of Job Corps. 32 What Does Job Corps Have to Offer? Partners dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities will have a large pool of consumers

all under one roof (Job Corps students) that will likely qualify to receive their services and typically have all needed documentation. 33 Doing Your Homework Does the agency provide services to the typical Job Corps demographic? Where does funding come from and are

there any specific limitations? What is the criteria to qualify for services? 34 Doing Your Homework (cont.) Is there a waiting list for services and if so, what is the typical timeline for receiving those services?

Does the corporation or business have employment opportunities suitable for your trade offerings and in sufficient numbers to make it worthwhile? Is transportation a factor for students while in the program and after? 35 The Bottom Line Is the benefit of the partnership to both parties

worth the time and effort that needs to be put into any good partnership? Does staff taking the lead on the partnership have the time, commitment, and dedication to follow through? 36 Choose Carefully Start with one potential partner who would be most beneficial to your students and staff. Invest your time wisely!

37 Making Contact Clearly state your Who, What, Why, Who, When, & Where (yes, who is twice). Explain who you are, and your role at Job Corps Explain what type of program Job Corps is, and describe

the Disability Program Discuss why they should collaborate with Job Corps and your partnership could be one of reciprocity Who benefits from the partnership (the students) When services will commence, and when they will terminate Discuss where meetings/services will take place 38 Be Prepared Make sure all information presented is accurate Rely on your admissions contractor-they may

have great promotional ideas you can utilize Schedule a formal meeting; if not on center, offer a time for the potential partner to visit the center When providing tours, be sure students are tour guides and ambassadors of your center 39 When Establishing Partnerships If it is not written down, it did not happen Be sure to keep documentation of conversations, date

and time when calls were made, etc Use the Disability Partnership Tool Formal Agreement Not required, but strongly suggested to ensure all parties understand what is expected of them Objectives What is the desired outcome? How will successful outcomes be measured and information exchanged?

40 Successful Center Partnerships and Resources 41 Clearfield Job Corps Vocational Utah Center for

Rehabilitation Logistics Specialties Weber State University Sp. Ed. Workability Utah UTAH Parent Center Roads to Independence Assistive Technology Bookshare 42

Westover Job Corps Springfield and Stavros Center for Holyoke Community College Disability Services Massachusetts Vocational Rehabilitation Connecticut

Department of Rehabilitation Independent Living Institute of Abilities 43 Flatwoods Job Corps The Department for Aging and Rehabilitative

Services The Virginia Association of Community Rehabilitation People, Inc. Commonwealth Catholic Charities 44

Dayton Job Corps The School of Professional Psychology, Wright State University Goodwill Industries Miami Valley Works Department of Job and Family Services Disability Division Urban League

Dayton Metro Public Library 45 Los Angeles Job Corps Guest Speakers: Tenia Penn Academic Manager Georgette Fields Disability Coordinator,

Health & Wellness 46 Los Angeles Job Corps (cont.) Los Angeles Unified School District California Mentor South Central Los Angeles Regional Center Greater Los Angeles

Agency of Deafness Public Charter School Mental Health Advocacy Services Braille Institute 47 Ottumwa Job Corps Guest Speakers: Monica VanGalder

Disability Coordinator Scott McDonald Academic Manager Case Study Applicant with the use of one arm 48 Ottumwa Job Corps (cont.)

RAC Participants: Applicant Parent DCs HWM Material Handling Instructor Academic Manager CTT Manager Partners Utilized Easter Seals Iowa

Vocational Rehabilitation Job Accommodation Network (JAN) Indian Hills Community College 49 Resources 50

Job Accommodation Network 51 Vocational Rehabilitation Brochure 52 Webinars

Bookshare Job Accommodation Network Georgias Assistive Technology Act Program Tools for Life Gaining Access Through Assistive Technology efault.aspx 53 Regional Disability Coordinators Kristen Philbrook Boston Region

[email protected] Annie Tulkin Philadelphia Region [email protected] Stephanie Karras Atlanta & San Francisco Regions [email protected] Alyssa Purificacion Olivas Dallas Region [email protected] Sharon Hong Chicago Region

[email protected] 54 Questions? 55

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