Introduction to Resources: Accounting, Finance ... -

Introduction to Resources: Accounting, Finance ... -

Business Resources in the Library Kelly Travers Business Librarian Library Resources

Library Search E-Journals Databases Searching the internet Referencing and plagiarism Athens logins Sconul Access Help Library Search o

o Click on Library Search o Type title, author or subject area o Click on Get it to see where book is or View it for ebooks o Sign in with UEL login to my account to renew and reserve books E-journals To search specifically for ejournal titles, click on A-Z on the menu bar Type the name of a journal or

subject area Choose the journal title you want by clicking on View it Click on the appropriate link to a database Databases; a small selection o EBSCO: Business Source Complete Academic business, accounting, finance and economics journals

o ABI / Inform Advertising, economics, HR, finance and taxation o Emerald Business management and accounting journals o Euromonitor/Passport GMID International business and financial/country info o Keynote Marketing/Industry/Company financials o Daily global business news and archive

Databases (2) To access the databases, start on the library home page: Click on databases and ejournals under Quick Links on the right hand side From the A-Z list, choose which database you need From off campus, choose the link and enter your Athens details

Past Post Grad Dissertations Under Quick Links, go to ROAR Browse by School Go to Student Showcase 2013 View past RDBS PG dissertations What info do you need and where do you find it? Info Academic research

Facts Background/theory Statistics Market research Company info Newspaper reports Stock market info Source Journal articles Books/websites Books Websites/databases

Keynote/Euromonitor EBSCO/FT/Keynote FT/Nexis Tips for Research Good research is the foundation of a good assignment Prepare a list of keywords and phrases before you start searching Search a wide variety of

sources, e.g. journals, books, databases, websites Use the Thesaurus if you get stuck using the databases Keep a running bibliography as you write Subject Pages Under Quick Links on the home page, choose Subject Support Select Support by Subject Choose Accounting, Finance,

Business or Economics Searching the Internet Think about the information you actually want List the keywords and phrases Link words/phrases using AND, OR, NOT Use recognised phrases marks for accuracy Advanced Search Google Scholar Business Subject Pages

Referencing and Plagiarism Very important to cite your work correctly Cite Them Right style 9th edition!! Cite Them Right available online: Library web pages If in doubt, ask! Athens Logins

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Some borrowing rights for Post Grads Go to website to register: ess Help?! For help with finding and searching resources contact me: Kelly Travers Monday Friday : 09.00 17.00

Telephone : 020 8223 6461 E-mail : [email protected]

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