Introduction to XML - Carleton

Introduction to XML - Carleton

Introduction to XML Babak Esfandiari 1 What is XML? introduced by W3C in 98 Stands for eXtensible Markup Language it is more general than HTML, but simpler than

SGML it is used to to describe metadata you can define your own set of tags! 2 an XML document does not do anything on its own XML example

Paris 3 XML - what for? content is independent from rendering meta-data makes search easier

standard tags enable data interchange across tools format for data and object persistence, human readable and editable no need for a custom parser anymore 4 XML concepts and syntax Elements

can be nested must have a closing tag Attributes XML declaration Comments 5 XML concepts (2)

An XML document that follows the syntax rules is considered well-formed But there is no restriction on the nature, order and number of tags in a well-formed XML document! 6 in order to impose some restrictions, you need to

define validity criteria in a separate document DTD Document Type Definition Describes the XML tagset ]>

An XML document that is compliant to its DTD is valid 7 DTD Syntax Defining elements:

are hard to read DTD has its own syntax DTD has very limited support for data types 9 XML Schema a 2001 W3C recommendation allows the definition of elements and attributes

using the XML syntax supports many primitive types allows the creation of complex types uses namespaces to: 10 allow reuse of types and schemas avoid naming clashes

XML Schema Example 11 Some XML-based standards MathML CML MusicXML XMI 12

XMI Example Museum name 13

XML Parsing Many XML parsers are available: JAXP, XERCES Two standardized parsing methods: SAX event-driven serial-access

element-by-element processing DOM creates a tree structure of objects stores it in memory easier to navigate, but more memory needed 14

SAX good to use if you are consuming XML data from a stream see example (from JAXP) 15 DOM use

it if you need random access to various elements of the document see example 16 XSLT eXtensible Stylesheet Language Templates allows the transformation of one XML

document into another by specifying transformation rules 17 XSLT example blah blah

18 Semantic Web Tim Berners-Lees idea of the future of the Web The goal is to make information accessible to

non-humans(ie agents) Therefore information should be structured and use metadata 19 RDF is proposed as such structure RDF Example See

20 Software Agents course example Refs W3C 21 specs:

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