Introduktion til

Introduktion til - Introduction to the Danish Union Catalog public version Kirsten Larsen Market Department Danish Bibliographic Centre [email protected]

General overview and statistics Search modes FRBR Requesting show availability automated ILL Google to and from VIP and BOB databases 2

A few facts.

3 English version: Opened Oct. 2000 12 million clusters of records Aprx 195 libraries are supplyers 2,8 million loan request in 2008 Visits per week (week 45, 2009) : 89.000 5000 users on mailing-list Statistics (in Danish)

Several search modes - and in the Danish version its also possible to browse subject categories 4 Use of search modes 5

Send request regardless of edition Editions clustered Editions clustered Send request

6 Go directly to your favourite library Editions are clustered - FRBR 7

To and from Google Try your search in Google (from Google Toolbar with buttons All records exported to Google Scholar and Google Books. 0.24% visitors from G Scholar,

0.46% from G Books Subject Guide indexed by Google. 22% of visitors come from Google (diff. versions) (statistics from 10.11.09) 8 9 Settings The user can save these settings (saved on users

login or the local computer) Login Name and adress (used for requests) Preferred library, favourite libraries, pincode to these libraries Search and display mode Request and import features Format 10 User satisfaction 2009

- Net-evaluation: 3000 respondents 45% finds Very good 48% finds it Good 11 Important components VIP database of

library parameters 12 DanBib database indexes interface BOB

ill-handler and database of illrequests Loan requests

13 Users can see library holdings and availability at their favourite libraries Users choose where they want to pick up the item The library finds out where to get the requested Users are sometimes redirected to the local library system Automated ILL coming soon Placing a request step 3 of 5

14 VIP database libraries decide their service level 15 BOB system loan requests 16

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