Investor Relations Scorecard

Investor Relations Scorecard

Investor Relations Scorecard Score your teams processes & strategies for raising capital By Richard C. Wilson Copyright 2018 Family Office Club We have a birds eye view of the family office industry and what is working for those raising capital, and what is holding most charter members back.

Current Clients: 1. $450M EU Family Office 2. $150M Midwest Family Office 3. $550M Real Estate Family Office 4. $1.3B Food Industry Family Office 5. $3B+ Multi-Family Office (Executive Search) 6. $200M Senior Living & Apartment Buildings Family Office

7. $250M Diversified Real Estate Single Family Office 8. $50M Hospitality Industry Family Office (Formation & Origination) 9. $2.3B Florida Single Family Office (Formation) What is the Investor Relations Scorecard 3 Scorecard Overview

4 Investor Targeting Case Studies: 1. Institutional Investor focus by new fund in TX 2. Deal collapsed due to very generous but complex structure in CT 3. Pitch Package feedback from FO but they are targeting very small HNW investors

Scorecard Overview 5 Crystal Clear 1 Sentence Rules: 1. If you cant summarize it nobody else can 2. Do the work for the investor so they can with ease see your value

3. At best most people have 2-4 sentences of a description, at worst they have one sentence that means nothing to anyone who gets flow 4. Less than 20 versions? It is bad. Scorecard Overview 6 Your Investment Offer

Case Studies: 1. Fast capital raising group example - referrals from those not invested yet 2. When investors here the model they literally say wow or I havent heard that before or that is refreshing to hear 3. You know perhaps maximum 1-3 direct competitors who do exactly what you do and offered in the same way Scorecard Overview

7 Investor Relations Toolset Insights: 1. Human vs. AI vs. Combined Human-AI advantage that trumps all 2. Time is money, I dont have time to use a CRM 3. Reporting, KPIs, Hot Leads, Actions Taken, Communications = Leverage

Scorecard Overview 8 Marketing Materials Insights: 1. Message is worth $1 or $100? 2. $10k on pitch decks but not even $7k on what words to sayand the $10k was spent on a generic graphic design firm

3. You dont need a pitch deck you need a package to help position, attract, and nurture leads 4. You can raise capital with horrible materials and branding but it is such a hard game to play, why not have them optimized? Scorecard Overview 9 Investor Funnel

Case Studies: 1. Reverse the flow 2. Barrels of fish 3. Attract & Convert Higher with IP 4. Evergreen only content = momentum Scorecard Overview 10

Choke Points Case Studies: 1. Website 2. Book 3. Certification 4. Events 5. Deal Flow + Investor Flow

Scorecard Overview 11 Operational Execution Important Points: 1. Work the System Example 2. Daily, Weekly x 2, Monthly, Quarterly + Annual Rhythms

3. Dedicated team members and focus A priority 4. Leading indicators of success Scorecard Overview 12 13

Connect Directly Richard C. Wilson CEO/Founder Wilson Holding Company Direct Line: (305) 333-1155 328 Crandon Blvd. Suite #223 Key Biscayne, FL 33149 [email protected]


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