Invitation to the Life Span by Kathleen Stassen Berger

Invitation to the Life Span by Kathleen Stassen Berger

Chapter 5- Early Childhood Body and Mind Body Changes Growth Patterns Grooming Patterns Nutrition Overfeeding Just right What do we feed kids

Many children are deficient in the following: Calcium Iron Zinc Vitamin A Vitamin C Servings Calcium

1 cup of calcium fortified oj 2 one inch cubes of cheese 2 tablespoons of shredded cheese cup plain, low-fat yogurt (< 30 g of sugar) Iron 1 two ounce hamburger with ketchup cup Cream of Wheat sprinkled with cinnamon and

sugar served with cup OJ An egg A slice of whole wheat bread Zinc 1 scrambled egg served with slice of tasting whole wheat bread cup baked beans cup plain yogurt or milk 3 ounces of red meat 3 ounces of turkey

Vitamin A 3 to 4 spears of raw broccoli served with moderate amount of dipping sauce 1 burger (made with ground beef and ground veggies Vitamin C cup of strawberry smoothie 6 to 8 orange slices Pasta with 1/3 cup tomato sauce

Body, cont. Motor Skills Spontaneous development PLAY IS WORK AND WORK IS PLAY! By age 6 ride tricycles climb ladders pump their legs on swings throw, catch, and kick balls. Advancing motor skills

Brain Development Size of brain Speed of brain Brain Development Thinking During Early Childhood Piaget: Preoperational Thought Previous stage: sensorimotor. Linked to senses and motor skill

development. Preoperational means before (pre) logical operations (reasoning processes). Symbolic thinking Thinking, cont. Egocentrism Centration Animism Static Reasoning Irreversibility

Conservation Vygotsky- Social Learning Zone of proximal development Scaffolding Language Vocabulary Language is pivotal to every kind of cognition in early childhood. Early childhood is a sensitive period. The average child knows about 500 words

at age 2 and more than 10,000 at age 6. Fast mapping Early Childhood Education Child-Centered Programs Stress childrens natural inclination Self-paced exploration and artistic expression. Opportunities to tell stories, draw, paint, dance, build, make music WORK IS PLAY AND PLAY IS WORK

Teacher-Directed Programs Characteristics of high quality early childhood eduction Injuries and Maltreatment Accidents Accidents are the leading cause of death worldwide for people under age 40. Injury control/harm reductionPractices that are aimed anticipating,

controlling, and preventing dangerous activities. Levels of prevention Injuries and Maltreatment Maltreatment Child maltreatment Intentional harm to or avoidable endangerment of anyone under 18 years

of age. Child abuse Deliberate action that is harmful to a childs physical, emotional, or sexual wellbeing. Child neglect Failure to meet a childs basic physical, educational, or emotional needs. Consequences of maltreatment

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