IPTC presentation - JPEG

IPTC presentation - JPEG

I dont want to get my copyright stripped off Michael Steidl, IPTC @JPEG Privacy & Security Workshop 13 October 2015, Brussels (Belgium) IPTC whos that? The global standards body for the news media A not-for-profit organisation with more than 50 members from news agencies, newspapers, broadcasters and systems vendors only a subset

of members is shown 2 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org IPTC Photo Metadata Standard defines a schema of metadata properties by 3 major groups: 1. Describes what can be seen in an image: caption, persons, locations, artwork, products 2. Writes down administrative data: when created, identifier(s),

job id, instructions 3. Defines data relevant for rights: creator, copyright owner, licenses, credit line, model release, property release 3 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org Photo workflow/supply chain Photog takes photo, initial metadata (e.g. creator + copyright + who is shown) Photo library in country ABC: gets local copyright, modifies metadata

(e.g. adds location ) International photo agency EPA: gets international copyright, modifies metadata Online news XYZ in country KLM: publishes the photo on their website. May modify metadata. Mary Miller: sees photo, likes it, downloads it, cannot get aware of a copyright and shares the photo by Pinterest 4 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org The Challenge Looking at the photo

downloaded by Mary Miller, a party from the supply chain may shout: I dont want to get my copyright stripped off 5 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org The Real Challenge How to guarantee

that Mary Miller has the correct metadata in the image file 6 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org Clarification IPTC has as long experience and strong knowledge about the data used to describe and manage a photo but only little knowledge about how to secure metadata against modifications without permission.

We want to forward the needs of people using the IPTC metadata schema to security experts. 7 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org What needs to be secured IPTC sees the need for different levels of protection "never ever change the value of property X (after the initial application of the value) "property Y may be changed only with an agreement by the prior editor of this property value"

Protected history of changes which allows to track back 8 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org Limit editing metadata Top Level never ever change E.g. Initial Globally Unique Identifier Second Level: change only with an explicit permission by the last editor of this value (maybe: using a shared key) Creator

Core rights properties: Copyright Owner + Notice, Licensing Third Level: at least show a warning and keep records (history) of any change Model & Property Releases Credit Line 9 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org Control editing metadata IPTCs wish-list:

Each (protected) metadata field should get a security level assigned Editing a metadata field should only be possible with a permission of the previous editor of the metadata values depending on the security level. 10 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org Show alarm if a change was not permitted IPTC knows: as long as bits and bytes of a file can be changed also the bits and bytes of embedded metadata

can be changed. Sealing metadata does not protect it against changing its bytes but a modification can be detected! IPTCs wish: if sealed metadata have been changed an alarm should be shown to the user. The user has to draw conclusions. 11 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org Implementation IPTCs wish-list:

The security features should be implemented by a widely supported standard/technology. The implementation should be a planned joint action of standardization bodies and software implementers. (To overcome the usual chicken-egg business discussion: whats first, the need for that feature or the software providing the feature.) 12 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org Thank you

for listening to IPTC. We are happy to join a discussion of next steps. Meet IPTC at www.iptc.org/photometadata 13 2015 IPTC www.iptc.org

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