Issues Tracker - Camp Lejeune

Weapons Training Battalion Staff Non-Fire Brief Orientation Walk Down Pistol SRR-64 Alpha RR-44 Armory RR-1 ISMT RR-2 Bravo Charlie

RR-11 S-3 Target Shed RR-4 MAGGIES GRILL Shooters Parking Lot Mess Hall PX 2 Staff Non-Fire Responsibilities

Command representative, responsible for everything your detail does or fails to do Overall responsible for: All coordination Personnel and weapons accountability Enforcing orders and regulations 3 ? Questions 4 Pre-Firing Agenda

Coordination Planning Factors The Detail Roster Timeline Next Tuesday Next Friday Range Breakdown Recommendations 5 Coordination PRIOR COORDINATION IS KEY 24 hours in advance can be worked with, dayof changes will not be entertained Phone call is good, but always send a follow up email and ensure you receive a confirmation response. Call again if you dont get one in a reasonable amount of time 6

Planning Factors Size of your detail determines your requirements for: Number of Corpsmen (3 per range) Number of Coaches (1 CMC per 20 shooters, ~1 per 4 target points) Number of Verifiers (Officers, SNCOs, or CMT qualified Sgts only) Number of required verifiers will be finalized during Final Check In If you fail to provide assigned requirements, we will drop shooters Reserve weekends, weather, and other factors might result in a compressed firing week STAY FLEXIBLE 7 The Detail Roster

Correctly filled out with all information included Shooters, EDIPIs, weapons, coaches (and coaches EDIPIs), corpsmen, and verifiers Proper format Microsoft Word document ONLY. Do not change the formatting. S-3.aspx Signed by the Commanding Officer or Acting, (by direction will not be accepted) 8 Timeline Paperwork and billeting request due next Tuesday NLT 1430 Detail roster (Word Document ONLY) Scanned copy of your Letter of Authorization (PDF, signed)

Scanned copy of your Preparatory Training Letter (PDF, signed) Units that prefer to turn in a hardcopy must do so NLT check in on Friday Check In next Friday* Specific timeline for your firing week located on the cover page of your SNF packet Failure to meet these timelines without prior coordination with WTBN S-3 will result in some or all of your shooters being dropped. 9 Timeline for Friday (Check In) By 0730, SNF Checks Range Breakdown posted on Alpha Range Thunderdome Once range is identified, SNF, Coaches, and shooters proceed to range for Range Brief at 0800 RSO/OIC pass out Weapon Custody Cards (DO NOT FILL OUT YET) Once Range Brief has been conducted, Range Staff will brief the shooters on how to fill out their

Custody Cards SNF will verify Custody Cards for each shooter against their Detail Roster and sign Custody Cards Once Roster has been verified and Cards have been signed, SNF will proceed to S-3 to correct their Detail Roster. Shooters will head to the armory and stand-by for SNF . SNF proceeds to armory with corrected/certified Roster and turns in weapons. SNF/shooter/coaches/corpsmen can depart range complex once all individual units weapons are in armory. Note: DO NOT SPEED THROUGH VERIFICATION PROCESS! It will slow you down in the long run! Identify all corrections before heading to the S-3. 10 Range Break Down 11

Timeline (cont.) Monday Prep Week 1 Prep Week 2 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1000: SNF Brief Base Units NLT

1430: -Email Detail Roster -Scanned copy of Letter of Authorization -Submit Billeting request Base Units 0700 - Prep Training Non Base Units NLT 1430: -Email Detail Roster -Scanned copy of Letter of Authorization / Prep Training Letter -Submit Billeting request

- WTBN processes unit paperwork - WTBN creates and submits chow requests 0700: SNF Check in 0800: Range Brief - Verify roster - Fill out Custody Cards - Roster Corrections with S-3 - Weapons turn in NLT 1100: -Barracks check-in Unit preparatory training (Grass Week)

- Block-In Brief - Zero Weapons - Table 1A practice Firing Week - Table 1A Practice - Table 1A Qual - Table 2 - Table 2 - UNQ Relay - SNF Check Out 1000: Verifier Brief conducted by range staff - Verify scores

- Contesting - Barracks checkout - Weapons checkout - Non-Fire checkout 13 Recommendations Ensure LTI/PFIs are conducted properly LOCKTITE on RCO under-screws is always a good idea Scrub your rosters Medical, Admin, or Legal issues if they dont need to or cant shoot, dont bring them out here Back brief your S-3 Ensure they are tracking on all timelines and requirements YOU have the most up-to-date information, not them Range Support Vehicle for logistical support

Not required, but highly recommended Only one allowed downrange at a time, coordinate between RSO, OIC, and other SNFs on your range 14 ? Questions 15 During Firing Agenda SNF Responsibilities Coaches and Verifiers Qualification Safety and Range Violations

Chow/Billeting Recommendations 16 SNF Responsibilities Check in with the Range House daily Report your numbers and drops (last 5 of EDIPI, reason shooter was dropped) Remain on the range unless: Picking up chow Escorting a dropped shooter Attending a required brief Always check out with the RSO/ROIC/Line Staff or Range CMT Ensure all trash is bagged and disposed of in brown dumpsters only

Ensure no shooter leaves the range until dismissed by the RSO/ROIC Ensure all coaches and corpsmen (if assigned) check in to the range house at 0500/0530 (depending on time of year) All corpsmen are required to have a Unit 1 bag. WTBN does not provide medical supplies Corpsmen are required to stay with the unit until dismissed from the armory 17 Coaches and Verifiers Coaches One additional coach per unit is authorized. Must be a Sgt or CMT Coaches are assigned to specific shooters; no swaps without prior coordination Required to: Wear white headband, ear pro, and eye pro while serving as a coach Be in good standing with the CMC Evaluation and Reporting Program Check in with range personnel every morning at 0500/0530 (depending on time of year) Coaches Evaluation Program All coaches receive feedback from range personnel & MTU at the end of the firing week

Highest scoring coach will be selected as Coach of the Week by WTBN Units may request copies of all evaluation forms from WTBN S-3 Verifiers Must attend the Verifiers Brief (Tuesday of the firing week, time TBD) Must remain on the range during qualification until all contesting has been completed 18 Qualification Contesting Must be at least a 7-point difference between: Qualifying and not qualifying A change in badges Databook must be correctly filled out Unq Relay Unq relay conducted, time permitting To qualify for the unq relay, shooter must have filled out databook Plots, holds, calls, and weather. Coaches notes are highly recommended MUST have attended the ISMT during the week

175 or higher (Range personnel can waive, BUT DO NOT HAVE TO) Verifiers Must stay on range until completion of contesting. If a verifier assigned to a unit fails to show up, the ranking SNCO or Officer from that unit will be pulled from the detail to verify 19 Safety and Range Violations Safety Violations (will result in outright drop from the range) Aiming in behind the firing line Negligent discharge Crossing the red line in the pits Flagging the line (w/ condition 1 weapon)

Range Violations (could result in outright drop from the range if multiple violations occur) Leaving weapon or ammo unattended Firing outside of range commands Improper weapons handling Failure to put weapon on safe after firing Other Integrity violations Weapon malfunctions Involved leadership prevents unnecessary drops! Ensure you are policing your detail SNFs are the only personnel

authorized to appeal a decision made by range personnel Notify RSO/ROIC if you wish to appeal on behalf of your shooter Range CO and BN CO have the final say COMMON SENSE APPLIES!!! 20 Chow Stone Bay chow hall provides box meals as follows: MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY


X UNIT DINNER X SNF picks up chows IAW schedule: Recommend delivering morning chow during armory draw and range check in Breakfast Chow pick up any time after 0500 Lunch chow pick up no earlier than 1030 Dinner chow pick up no earlier than 1430 21 Chow (cont.) 22

Recommendations Inspect your shooters weapons and gear to prevent unnecessary drops Stay constantly engaged The more engaged you and your leadership are, the less hands on range staff need to be Familiarize yourself with range SOP chapter 5 (on website) Enforce databook use Personnel management Stay engaged with coaches and verifiers, ensure they are where they need to be, when they need to be there Have on hand: Extra gear (databooks, ear pro, eye pro, slings, magazines, etc.) CLP/rifle cleaning gear enforce weapons maintenance 23 ? Questions 24

Post-Firing (Last Day of Firing) Stage all gear outside of billeting, ensure that it is clean Draw all weapons from the Armory (including all stocks) in the morning Stage all vehicles in the gravel parking lot next to the armory only Attend the 0900 (or On-Call) Check Out brief in S-3 classroom Signatures required from Billeting, Armory, and Range. S-3 will be the last signature Ensure you pick up afternoon chow If assigned an area to police call, contact 910-440-2650 to get it inspected Check out with S-3 Turn in SNF Binder, armory sheet, and critique sheet You cannot complete checkout without filling out the critique sheet with feedback Coach of the Week/High Shooter

Report to Range Company office, building RR-11 (bottom deck, center) to get picture taken 25 FAQ Q: What form needs to be sent via email to Mr. Curci the Tuesday prior to firing week? A: Detail Roster Q: What format does the Detail Roster need to be sent? A: Microsoft Word Q: What time is the Detail Roster due by on the Tuesday prior to firing week? A: 1430 26 FAQ Q: Does all documentation need to be turned in on the Tuesday before Firing Week? A: No, just the detail roster in Microsoft word format. All other documentation needs to be signed and can be brought in on the Friday before firing during the check in process. Q: Where do I go to check in on the Friday before Firing Week? A: See detail roster at Alpha Thunder Dome and then your respective range.

Q: Can I change any shooters on day of check in? A: Yes, however an updated detail roster must be provided to S-3, it is also important to note that the rosters has already been sent to the chow hall and your shooter wont get fed by means of the chow hall and the responsibility will fall upon the individual unit. 27 FAQ Q: What time, date, and location do the verifiers need to be at the range complex? A: 1000, Tuesday (of Firing Week), at the range house of units respective range. Q: Do all Unqualified shooters rate a UNQ relay? A: Each unqualified shooter must shoot 175 or higher; Have a filled out data book; must have attended remediation with WTBN Marksmanship Training Unit (MTU) at the Integrated Simulated Marksmanship Trainer (ISMT). Can be waived by range personnel on case-by-case basis. Ownness falls on the shooter, data book usage, and use of the ISMT 28 ? Questions 29

References MCO 3574.2L Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Programs MCRP 3-01A Rifle Marksmanship MARADMIN 069/15 Authorized individual weapons, optics, modular attachments and modifications for annual rifle and pistol training for FY 2013 WTBN 3000.3E w/ ch. 1 (WTBN Range SOP) ult.aspx Updates to firing weeks posted at the top, templates and documents located along the right hand side 30 Points of Contact Operations Officer: 910-440-1600

Gunner Pieratti [email protected] See Operations Officer Marksmanship Training Unit: 910-4402026/2027 MSgt B. Stanley [email protected]

Range Company Commander: 910-440-2712 Mr. Frank Curci (S-3 Check-in) 910-440-2918 [email protected] Battalion Gunner: 910-440-2705 Operations Chief: 910-440-2687

Capt J. Harvey [email protected] SSgt P. Murphy [email protected] Alpha Range: 910-440-2947 Bravo Range: 910-440-2943 Charlie Range: 910-440-2942 Armory: 910-440-2597 After Hours Contact: 910-358-1169 Ensure Detail Roster is complete and as accurate as possible. Include EDIPIs for all shooters and coaches

Mr. Jim Moland (Billeting) 910-358-0793 [email protected] When emailing your billeting request, include your name, unit, POC, and number of shooters broken down by male and female WTBN OOD 31 Questions? 32

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