ISTQB & ISEB Certifications - Software Testing Genius

ISTQB & ISEB Certifications - Software Testing Genius

Software Testing ISTQB / ISEB Know the Certifications Contents A little bit of testing Certification and how it works Tester certification and how it has developed Where we are now Where we plan to go A Little Test Which of the following is true of software testing? a) It reduces risk and adds quality to software products

b) It should happen between development and release c) It is expensive and adds little value d) It requires extensive domain knowledge Risk Based Testing Testing Strategy Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Probability of Failure Priority 4

Cost of failure/value of requirement Whole Life Cycle Testing Requirements Testing here defines the product quality Testing here ensures the product will be what we wanted System Specification System Design Testing here directly affects

the product quality Unit Design Acceptance Test System Test Integration Test Unit Test Testing here confirms the product quality Cost Effective Testing

Highest risk/highest value Each test adds maximum value by: confirming high value requirements are met identifying problems in high risk areas Risk is reduced/value is assured Threshold Completion criteria Lowest risk/lowest value Acceptable quality outcome Any Anyuncompleted uncompletedtests testsadd addless lessvalue

valuethan than those thosealready alreadycompleted. completed. Testing Testingisisalways always the thebest bestthat thatcould couldbe beachieved achievedininthe thetime time

Structured Testing Requirements are prioritised and completion criteria set Static testing identifies specification issues Systematic black box techniques explore functionality Systematic white box techniques explore structure Review Achievement of completion criteria is evaluated Release Why Certification? Business needs to know why and how software testing can help them Users pressed into user acceptance testing need to know how to add value Professional testers need to understand how to be more effective

Potential entrants to testing need to have a sound basic understanding ISEB / ISTQB Information Systems Examination Board Projects and Business Change Solution Development and Delivery Project management Software testing Business analysis

Systems development and architecture Infrastructure Assets and Service Management Legal, Compliance and Security IT service management IT legal compliance Assets and infrastructure management IT security

Tester Certification Foundation as an entry point with no barriers to entry Practitioner for testers with some experience Specialist for experienced testers who want to demonstrate their advanced knowledge and skills All Allunderpinned underpinnedby by accredited accreditedtraining training to toISEB

ISEB//ISTQB ISTQBapproved approvedsyllabuses syllabuses The Foundation Dilemma BENEFITS Vocabulary Common understanding Shared values BUT Most developers not included Managers do not understand what testers can do RESULT Frustration Reaching for the sky

Practitioner Foundation Exam Quality Questions and exam papers set and/or reviewed by a selected panel Markers approved and trained Moderation by sample papers (and possibly by seeded papers) Final exam moderation before results are released Feedback to unsuccessful candidates Internationalisation ISTQB formed in 2002 to foster international cooperation ISTQB Foundation syllabus launched in 2005 and

adopted by ISEB to replace the ISEB syllabus ISTQB has attracted a large number of countries and continues to expand but most have no experience of certification schemes A Brief History Testing Certifications 2002 Certification ISTQB 1998 BS 7925 ISEB

Foundation 2002 ISEB Practitioner A Brief History of Testing: The International Dimension 2002 Certification ISTQB 1998 BS 7925

ISEB Foundation 2002 ISEB Practitioner 2005 ISTQB Foundation A Brief History of Testing Certifications: Where we are today Certification

ISTQB 1998 BS 7925 2005 ISEB Foundation ISTQB Foundation 2007 General Analyst

Manager 2002 2007 ISEB Practitioner ISTQB Advanced 2006 ISEB Portfolio Alignment

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