IT Architecture

IT Architecture

Today, A Gameboy for $50, has more computing power than a Cray supercomputer of only 25 years ago. Tom Peters Circle of Innovation IT Architecture Although there is always a need for improved technology, the critical resource is intelligent resourceful people who can relate

business needs to technology. James J. OConnor The central core of information technology involves a study of programming languages, algorithms and information structures. Describe Information in terms of:

Accuracy Verifiability Completeness Relevance Timeliness Computers

Supercomputer Main Frame Mini Computer PCs Thin Clients Laptops and Notebooks Palmtops / PDAs

Smart Cards Input Devices Output Devices Cable Media Shielded Twisted Pair

Unshielded Twisted Pair Coax Fiber Wireless Media Microwave Satellite GEO MEO LEO GPS Radio Infrared

Cellular Networks WAN LAN PAN VPN

LAN WANs Network which incorporates extended geographical boundaries Network which has a centralized point of data exchange Network which joins remote networks in increase productivity Network which extends existing resources Networking Standards

OSI Model Layer 1: Physical Layer Layer 2: Data Link layer Layer 3: Network Layer Layer 4: Transport Layer

Layer 5: Session Layer Layer 6: Presentation Layer Layer 7: Application Layer OSI Example Business Model Equipment

Repeaters Bridges (DSU/CSU) Routers Hubs / Switches Interface Cards (NIC) Connectivity Services Switched Dedicated Packet Modems Frame Relay

Connectivity Bandwidth DDS Switched Phone Networks 56K T1 T3 OC3 OC12 OC192

ATM ISDN xDSL Cable Modems LAN "A data communications system allowing a number of independent devices to communicate directly

with each other, within a moderately sized geographic area over a physical communications channel of moderate data rates." IEEE Topology Bus - Ethernet Token Ring Star Protocols

TCP/IP IPX Netbui SNMP (Management protocol) Appletalk

X.25 Z39.50 IPNG?? Why LANs Need to share data, software, and hardware Centralized management Share access to outside sources Future To distribute expertise not just files Remote offices have leadership and expertise - Videoconferencing

Teleworkers need to be part of the structure Acronym Full Name Downstream Upstream Maximum Distance (C.O./user)

18,000 ft IDSL Integrated DSL 128 Kbps 128Kbps HDSL

High Data Rate DSL 1.544Mbps 1.544Mbps 12,000 ft SDSL Symmetric DSL 1.544Mbps

1.544Mbps 10,000 ft ADSL Asymmetric DSL 8Mbps 1Mbps 12,000 ft

RADSL Rate Adapter 7Mbps 1Mbps 18,000 ft VDSL 51.84Mbps

2.3Mbps 1,000 ft ADSL Very High Rate DSL Lawrence Livermore Lab Baby Number of Frames Nodes per Frame

Number of Nodes Processors per Node Number of Processors Speed in MHZ Mega FLOPS Memory in GB Local Disk in GB Global Disk in GB 10T 4 4

16 8 128 222 113,664 128 4 512 16 8,192 310 10,158,080

64 4,000 288 1,200 10,000 150,000

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