IUID and WAWF - United States Navy

IUID and WAWF - United States Navy

IUID and Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) DASN IUID Training # 4 14 July 2011 Eric Ferraro MBA, PMP SPS/WAWF Project Director Mandatory (web site) Widesystem Area Workflow for DoD Invoice and Receipt Processing Lower prompt pay interest penalties Increase document visibility

Lower DFAS processing fees Instill standard processes https://wawf.eb.mil/ 2 Navy WAWF Program Update Navy WAWF Leadership Eric Ferraro (PEO-EIS ) Katrin Dilli (DASN Acquisition and Logistics) Juan Arratia (FMO) Aaron Oeken (Navy WAWF Help Desk) Successes in FY 2011 to date Continuing to increase WAWF use (84%)

Conducted two WAWF Training Road Shows WAWF v5.0 Technology Refresh (faster) and new look and feel Save Capability 3 Navy WAWF Program - Continued Challenges and Focus Areas Only 50% of ONE PAY invoices are in WAWF Note an additional 38% are electronic input Drive towards complete electronic processing RATES from DFAS (invoice, receiving report, contract data) Assist in Navy Financial Audit Readiness Continue to reduce delays in WAWF processing times and payment to vendors WAWF v5.2 Remove obstacles, facilitate problem solving and communicate

with the WAWF user community to increase the Navys overall electronic commerce rates (currently only 37% hands free) 4 WAWF Process Overview DFAS Payment Office WAWF 3 ways to input May automatically or manually trigger rejects/recall available 1. Web Input 1. 2. SFTP 3. EDI

Vendor Creates/submits invoice and/or receiving report May automatically suspend transactions pending review Manually re-enters failed transactions Processes electronic transactions 2. 5. Govt. Inspector Receives email notification of awaiting actions.

Accepts or rejects using WAWF. 4. 3. DFAS Payment Office Govt. Acceptor Receives email notification of awaiting actions. Accepts or rejects using WAWF. Local Processing Office (Certifies Funds are available) Receives email notification of awaiting actions. Accepts or rejects

using WAWF Receives email notification of awaiting actions. Researches any suspended transactions or rejects document to the initiator. 5 WAWF Document Types (Navy) Invoice and Receiving Report (Combo) Invoice as 2-in-1 Invoice (Fast Pay) Cost Voucher Navy Construction/Facilities Management Invoice Grant and Cooperative Agreement Voucher Navy Shipbuilding Invoice (Fixed Price) Miscellaneous Payment 6

WAWF User Roles Vendor Contractor or Supplier Valid Cage Code Centralized Contractor Registration (CCR) Inspector & Acceptor Requiring Activity, Contracting Officer Representative (COR), Quality Assurance Reviewer (QAR) Cost Voucher Reviewer/Approver Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Local Processing Office (LPO) Role used in situations where documents must be

02/09/2020 - Service - Innovationforwarding certified by a localIntegrity office before to DFAS 7 WAWF User Roles - continued Pay Official DFAS Paying Office Group Administration (GAM) Role is used by an individual selected at the organization/location level, that is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the users of his/her

assigned organizations. View Only Can see documents in any status that have the Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) and corresponding role listed on them Integrity - Service - Innovation 02/09/2020 8 Documents are Routed By DoDAAC Codes WAWF Pre-Population Where EDA document is available, some WAWF routing DoDAACs will autopopulate Where EDA doc is loaded in an XML format, WAWF can

use data to pre-populate CLIN data N65888 N00244 9 Obtaining your role Navy DoDAAC Hierarchy established in WAWF (some examples): Navy/Commander US Pacific Fleet/Submarine Force Pacific/Submarine Squadron 11 Navy/NAVSEA/NSWC Crane Navy/HQ COMNAVRESFOR/Fleet Logistics Squadron VR 57 Go to WAWF URL: https://wawf.eb.mil/ New User? Registration

User Authentication Type (User Id/Password or CAC) Data Capture Government Role Group Administrator Approves Email notifications 10 E-mail Notifications are Sent Standardized format is used Notifies users of action taken or Required Can utilize Outlook/WAWF features to manage e-mail

notices 11 Helpful Hint for Vendors Utilize WAWF Functionality to Send E-mail Notifications to your Acceptor Users have ability to send notifications to additional email addresses following an action. E-mail addresses are saved for future use after submitted. 12 Helpful Hint Look for a WAWF Routing Table in Section G: Payment Instructions Document Type

Indicate which invoice type vendor should use Contract Number N00173-07-C-5010 or GSA # if applicable Delivery Order Number (if applicable) If applicable Issued By N00173 Admin By N00173

Service/Supply Acceptor N00052 Ship To / Extension N03789 LPO (Certifier) N00052 Pay DoDAAC N68688 Acceptor Email [email protected]

13 UIDs Unique Identifier (UID) is a number that uniquely identifies tangible items Provides asset accountability within the DoD Supply Chain Must include a Unique Identifier under the CLIN/SLIN/ELIN if the item meets the DFARS 252.211.7003 requirements UID tab appears when entering line item information 14 UIDs More information http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/pdi/uid/index.html Creating UIDs (Unique Identifiers) section of WAWF Web-Based Training

https://wawftraining.eb.mil/xhtml/unauth/web/wbt/dem o/UidOverview.htm 15 RFIDs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags Shows how the various pallets, packages, boxes, containers, etc. of a shipment are put together Enter RFID information on Pack tab Pack Later - submitting the document and returning later to create the packaging information 16 MILSTRIPs If your government contract references a MILSTRIP document number for the contract line items, please include the MILSTRIP document number in the Wide Area Workflow

(WAWF) receiving report information. After entering your Line Item information, enter the MILSTRIP information on the MILSTRIP TAB at the top of the page. Doing so will ensure timely processing of your payment request. Not all government contracts have a MILSTRIP document number. When the contract does not reference a MILSTRIP document number, leave the MILSTRIP field blank. 17 MILSTRIPs Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) MILSTRIP tab appears when entering line item information The total quantities entered in the MILSTRIP Quantity field must be equal to the "Quantity Shipped" field on the Line Item Details page. May need to create a MILSTRIP entry with the

word "NONE" in the number field to balance the quantities 18 WAWF Web Based Training Location: https://wawftraining.eb.mil/xhtml/unauth/web/wbt/WbtMainMenu.xhtml Web Based Training Link, then WAWF WBT Link Description: This Web-Based Training Course provides a first look at the Wide Area Workflow System. It is an overview of the different areas of WAWF. The WBT contains demos for navigating, and creating and working different type documents in the WAWF system. 19 DFAS Electronic Commerce End Users Tool Box Where to Find Additional Information

Location: http://www.dfas.mil/contractorpay/electroniccommerce/ECToolBox.html Description: Web-Site that contains getting started guides, step-by-step procedures for processing WAWF transactions, interactive demonstrations of WAWF, links to other sites and more. Resources for vendor and government users! 20 Where to Find Additional Information Navy-Specific Materials Location: http://acquisition.navy.mil/content/view/full/99 Description: Links to government and vendor procedures, policy letters, briefing charts, training dates, Navy WAWF Engineering Change Proposals, etc. 21 Helpful Links

WAWF Production https://wawf.eb.mil/ WAWF Sand Box Training Site https://wawftraining.eb.mil/ WAWF Web-Based Training Site https://wawftraining.eb.mil/xhtml/unauth/web/wbt/WbtMainMenu. xhtml WAWF Software Users Manual (SUM) https://wawf.eb.mil/SUM_RoboHelp_Web_Help/WAWF_SUM.ht m DAASINQ (DoDAAC Query) https://www.daas.dla.mil/daasinq/ DoDAAD Committee (add, modify, delete DoDAACs) http://www.dla.mil/j-6/dlmso/Programs/Committees/DoDAAD/dod aad.asp

22 Helpful Links Electronic Document Access (EDA) http://eda.ogden.disa.mil/ Navy WAWF Site https://acquisition.navy.mil/content/view/full/99 DFAS WAWF Site (including info on Vendor WAWF training) http://www.dfas.mil/dfas/ecommerce/wawf/info.html DFAS Electronic Commerce Site http://www.dfas.mil/dfas/ecommerce.html DoD UID Information http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/pdi/uid/index.html http://iuidtoolkit.com/overview/


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