JavaScript Miscellany

JavaScript Miscellany

JavaScript Miscellany Feb 10, 202 Properties of functions Functions are objects, and have properties length the number of formal parameters arguments the Arguments object, which is like an array of actual parameters Note: length is not necessarily equal to arguments.length caller the function that invoked this one, or null if the

function was invoked from the top level prototype (for constructor functions) an object that defines properties and methods of functions created with this constructor 2 The loop This kind of loop has the syntax for (variable in object) statement Each property of the object (or, if an array, each index of the array) is assigned in turn to variable Properties will be assigned in an arbitrary order

It turns out, however, that the loop does not loop through all properties of an object Built-in methods, and many built-in properties, are flagged as nonenumerable All built-in properties of functions are nonenumerable There are lots of little surprises like this in JavaScript 3 Global and local variables A variable is local to a function if

It is a formal parameter of the function It is declared with var inside the function (e.g. var x = 5) Otherwise, variables are global Specifically, a variable is global if It is declared outside any function (with or without var) It is declared by assignment inside a function (e.g. x = 5) 4 Methods I First we construct an object:

function Point(xcoord, ycoord) { this.x = xcoord; // keyword "this" is mandatory this.y = ycoord; } myPoint = new Point(3, 5); A method is a function that is associated with, and invoked through, an object (hence can use this) Here is a function that makes no sense by itself: function distance(x2, y2) { function sqr(x) { return x * x; } return Math.sqrt(sqr(this.x x2) + sqr(this.y y2)); } 5 Methods II

We can turn this function into a method, like so: Now this inside the function refers to myPoint, and we can say: document.write("The distance is " +, 6, 9)); Or: document.write("The distance is " + myPoint.dist(6, 9)); If we dont want to permanently associate the function with myPoint, but just use it briefly, we can say:

myPoint.dist = distance; document.write("The distance is " + dist.apply(myPoint, [6, 9])); The difference between these two Function methods is: call takes an object and an arbitrary number of actual parameters apply takes an object and an array of actual parameters 6 The End 7

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