Jeffrey Dahmer - Seneca Valley School District

Jeffrey Dahmer - Seneca Valley School District

JEFFREY DAHMER By: Amber Kelly BACKGROUND Born in Milwaukee on May 21, 1960 Grew up in a loving household of Lionel and Joyce Dahmer Minor surgery to correct double hernia at age 6 affected happiness

Lacked self-confidence As a Teen He became disengaged, tense, and friendless. His parents divorced when he was 14 years old. He moved from Iowa to Ohio. His father remarried in 1979. 1ST VICTIM After graduation of June 1978, Dahmer picked up a hitch hiker named Steven Hicks and took him to Dahmers parents house, where he lived. They drank beer and had sex. Hicks tried leaving until Dahmer killed him and buried him in his parents backyard. Around 1978 * * Dahmer acquired a drinking problem.

Dropped out of college due to drinking problem * His father insisted he enlist in the Army * Discharged from Army An arrest in October of 1981 for disorderly conduct prompted his father to send Dahmer to Wisconsin to live with his grandmother. 1986: Dahmer found masturbating in front of two young boys. He received a 1 year probationary sentence. 2ND VICTIM September 1978:

Dahmer meets Steven Toumi in a gay bar The two checked into a hotel and drank heavily. Dahmer claimed to have found Toumi dead beside him when he awoke Dahmer purchased a large suitcase to transport Toumis corpse to his grandparents' basement. Had sex with Toumis dead body, dismembered him, and disposed of in the garbage

THROUGH THE YEARS Dahmers killing spree lasted for 13 years. Sought out African American men at gay meeting places Brought men to grandparents basement with promises of money or sex Fed them alcohol laced with drugs before strangling them Had sex with the bodies and dismembered them

Usually kept genitals or skulls as souvenirs Took photos of victims throughout murder process to later relive the experience Overall charged with: child molestation, disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, public intoxication ONE LAST VICTIM

Tracy Edwards, most recent and last victim of Dahmer (who got away) - Found running wildly down Kilbourn Avenue in handcuffs - Told officers he was held captive for 5 hours - Dahmer threatened to eat his heart - Claimed not to be homosexual The hero who sent Dahmer to prison AFTERMATH Police found gruesome evidence in Dahmers apartment

Found guilty with charge of murder in the 1 st degree No death penalty in Wisconsin meant 937-year sentence Beaten to a bloody pulp and killed by a fellow inmate while serving his time in prison THEORY OF DEVIANCE The sociological theory of deviance that best fits the criminal behavior of Jeffrey Dahmer is the Social control theory. Jeffrey Dahmers compulsions were not only sick, but sexual. When he began murdering, he sought out mainly homosexual African American men. He must not have cared to conform to the social norm of a straight lifestyle when he went out to gay bars, where he hunted his victims. I believe Jeffrey Dahmer lost attachment to social bond when he began heavily drinking right out of high school. Around the time he graduated high

school, he killed his first victim, mainly under the influence of alcohol. He often used offerings of alcohol, sex, and money to lure men back to kill them. He also lost connection with social bond when he dropped out of college for his excessive drinking. He was sent to the Army by his father, but he was discharged due to his alcoholism. That withered the bond with his father after disappointing him. His father sent Dahmer to live with his grandmother, possibly to have Jeffrey under close supervision to make sure he did not drink excessively. He also had withered the bond he had with his grandmother when she had become tired of the late-night drinking and bringing men to the house. She eventually kicked him out of her house. REHAB OR PUNISHMENT? Personally, I believe if Jeffrey Dahmer were still alive to this day and serving his 937 years in prison, I would recommend some sort of psychological help on top of activities to help change his ways and move him in the right direction. Although I would recommend a counselor to Dahmer, he in fact did read the Book of Revelation from the Bible and often contemplated the question of death. The Book of Revelation contained prophecies of hellfire, damnation and apocalyptic fury. It was only a few days after, he had been killed by another inmate in jail.

Also, I believe Dahmer was a possible paranoid schizophrenic. He had said that he had compulsions starting at the age of 14. He said his compulsions were of dark, disturbing, and sexual images. DAHMER When I was a kid, I was just like anybody else . I think in some way, I wanted it to end. Even if it meant my own destruction. ..Like arrows shooting through my mind from out of the blue. (Dahmer on fantasies) If I was killed in prison. That would be a blessing right now. Ironically, Dahmer was killed in prison.

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