Jeopardy Game

Jeopardy Game

Jeopardy Game Speaking Vocabular y Readin g Writin g

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1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 Peter : Hi, Jeff. Come on in. Was it difficult to find my place?

Jeff :___________You gave really good directions. 1. How come? 2. Yes, it was difficult. 3. Where was it ? 4. Not at all. A : You know what! I had a bad fail in front of the building. B :____________________ 1. Can I help you ? 3. Lucky you! 2. How awful!

4. No problem! Ben : This computer is driving me crazy. Tan : Why ?_______________? 1. Whats the matter 3. What do you do 2. Is it wrong 4. Is it too slow A : The state pension for old people is wholly inadequate. B : ______________ No one can live on 500 baht a month.

1. 2. 3. 4. I couldnt agree more It should be O.K. What do you do Old people spend less money. Sam : Hello, Sam speaking. Mary : Hello. Sam. Sorry I didnt show up this afternoon.

My car broke down and I left my cell phone at the office. Did everything go OK at the meeting? Sam : Yes,_________1__________ Mary : How about your project proposal? Sam :It went fine too. Only a few minor things to fix up. 1. :all aboard 2. !no Mary Congratulations Doway you need my help ?

Sam : Imdeal all right. Thanks anyway. 3. big 4. better than expected Sam : Hello, Sam speaking. Mary : Hello. Sam. Sorry I didnt show up this afternoon. My car broke down and I left my cell phone at the

office. Did everything go OK at the meeting? Sam : Yes, better than expected. Mary : How about your project proposal? Sam :_____2______too. Only a few minor things to fix up. Mary : Congratulations ! Do you need my help ? Sam : Im all right. Thanks anyway. 1. It was 3. This is it. 2. It went fine 4. Thats that.

Sam : Hello, Sam speaking. Mary : Hello. Sam. Sorry I didnt show up this afternoon. My car broke down and I left my cell phone at the office. Did everything go OK at the meeting? Sam : Yes, better than expected. Mary : How about your project proposal? Sam : It went fine too. Only a few minor things to fix up. Mary : Congratulations !_______3________? Sam : Im all right. Thanks anyway. 1. Dont you need it

2. Do you need my help 3. Do you need anyone 4. Do you need it at all Paul : Can we stop for a while ? Im really tired. David :_____________1_______________ Paul : No, I dont think I can climb any more. David : But youve got to see this. The view up here is spectacular. Paul :______________2______________ 1. 1. Come on. Youre stronger than that. 2. Stop there if you want. 3. Is it too high to climb?

4. Is it too hard for you? 2. 1. Yes, I will 2. I prefer fresh air 3. No, I think. Ill stay here 4. No problem at all. Jack : Please show me how to make Tom Yam Koong Prapan : Its very easy. Jack :_____1_______Can I make it when I go back to Australia ? Prapan : Of course. Just get the ready-made Tom Yam Koongpack. Jack :__________2__________

Prapan : At any convenient store. Put the stuff in a pot of boiling water.Then add some shrimp, mushrooms, lime juice and salt._____3______ 1. 1. Do you? 3. Youre right. 2. 1. Where can I get it? 3. Ive seen that before

3. 1. Youre right 3. Its right 2. Is it? 4. Im not sure. 2. Do you buy it often? 4. Ive seen it anywhere 2. Right there 4. Thats it Tom : Hello. My names Tom._______1______?

Mary : Yes, please. Im Mary, a new resident here._____2______the cafeteria Tom : Well, the cafeteria is in the next building, over there. Mary : I see. Is the food here any good? Tom : Well,______3_______ Mary : Great. Im a bit particular about food. 1. 1. Lets be friends, shall we 2. Could you give me a hand 3. Can I help you with something 4. Would you like to introduce yourself. 2.

1. Ive been to 3. Im heading for 3. 1. good food is important for health 2. good food is hard to find 3. Its never given me cause for complaint 4. theres food in the cafeteria 2. I have meals in 4. Im looking for

Be careful with that chair. One of its legs is loose. 1. 2. 3. 4. ! The trousers are too loose for the boy. Harry let the horses loose in the field. She wore her hair loose around her shoulders. Make sure that the plug has not come loose.

You can choose Japanese as an elective course. 1. By the time the main course came, I was already full. 2. Make sure you follow the right course. 3. Id rather take an evening course than a day-time one. 4. Theyre building a new golf course next to the hotel. The drug may affect your power of concentration, so dont drive after taking it. 1. It is not in my power to cancel Mr. Thomsons order. 2. The brain damage caused him to lose his power of speech. 3. How long has the Conservative Party been in

power? 4. Scientists are working to find ways to make full use of solar power. The baby watched the dog with interest. 1. There are many places of interest near the city. 2. These investors have a controlling interest in the new company. 3. Government efforts to discourage smoking are in the interest of public health.

4. She had to pay a lot of interest to the bank where she got the loan. Odd One out 1. 1. request 3. demand 2. plea 4. pressure

2. 1. anticipate 2. forecast 3. imply 4. predict Odd One out 1. 2. 1. energetic 3. active

1. prompt 3. fluent 2. attentive 4. enthusiastic 2. immediate 4. quick Billogical viruses can run__________ through a large portion of the human population. Similarly, their electronic counterparts can___ among. 1. 2.

3. 4. ! manufactured expand uncontrolled spread unrestrained expand implemented occur Before the _____of the computer, typists would stop to make corrections. This had the effect of providing many small rest breaks. Today, computer users must devise their own mini-breaks to prevent ___use of the

hands and wrists that can lead to RSI injuries. 1. 2. 3. 4. production - external arrival - reliable advent-excessive commencement- independent Obamas ______ was a big part of his election success. His ability to explain problems was seen as almost

_______to an ability to fix them. 1. 2. 3. 4. elegance additional appearance comparable prudence sensible eloquence equivalent Galileos belief in the important of scientific experimentation______ him out as one of the first

modern scientist. His mathematical description of ways objects fall is still__________ today 1. 2. 3. 4. brings sensible rules - factual marks - valid singles doubtful CAUTION


Advertising Officer * Age between 25-35 years old. * Excellent command of spoken & written English * Ability to effectively plan daily, weekly and monthly work activities * At least Bachelors degree in Communications or related field * Experience in advertising preferable * Good interpersonal and communication skills Which of the following candidates is NOT suitable for this job ? 1. A person with weak organization skills 2. A person who can speak both Thai and English fluently.

3. A person who has a Masters degree in Communications 4. A person who has worked as an advertiser for a long time. What can be inferred from the comic strip? 1. The boy likes taking a bath. 2. The boy doesnt like taking a bath. 3. The boys mother likes taking a bath. 4. The boys mother doesnt like taking a bath. A sizeable quantity of drugs, _______heroin has been found and seized, along with a stock of guns and ammunition. 1. including

3. unlike 2. regarding 4. despite Please replace everything carefully in the drawers________ something will get mislaid. 1. unless 3. or else 2. even though 4. whereas

Jenny was taking so much pleasure in her fantasy that she___________ 1. 2. 3. 4. preferred reality to fantasy began to laugh out loud cried alone in her room was wakened by a nightmare

Medical evidence revealed beyond doubt that Mrs. Marline, who suffered from lung cancer, died from________________ 1. 2. 3. 4. a drug overdose a financial problem a thrilling experience proper medical treatment No problem!

We are particularly attracted to people who have attitudes similar to our own, who like what we like and who dislike what we dislike. 1. It is difficult to find someone who share similar attitudes. 2. It would be of great significance to maintain balance. 3. The more significant the attitude, the more you like the people. 4. Similarity is especially important when it comes to relationships. Panoramic (1) fixed-glass moonroofs as opposed (2) as sunroofs which open and close, (3) are one of the hottest (4) trends in automotive design.

The majority of the people (1) of Britain (2) has no confidence (3) in an expensive and faceless bureaucracy (4) like the European Union. Chinas (1) spectacular transformation (2) over the past decade is (3) symbolized in (4) its architecture. 1. The old building, (1) abandoning for a newer facility, was a war zonea ruin of (2) overturned

desks, textbooks, (3) TVs and other (4) equipment that could have been re-used. 2. Jen finished her meal (1) quickly and (2) raised from the table, (3) showing her anger to everyone(4) present at the party. [S1] 3 Beckham proved to be a valuable, talented player for both teams because of his ability to take dangerous free kicks and pass the

ball 4 long distances. [S2] With this soccer talent, Beckham led his country, England, in the 2002 World Cup where their only loss was to Brazil. [S3] 5

Davis Beckham has been famous since the late 1990s. [S4] his2 Despite this defeat, however, Beckham is still greatly admired by 1 5 fans for his hard work on the field and on the training ground.

[S5] Initially, he was a popular soccer player in England for Manchester United and later in Spain for Real Madrid [S6] Girls. He is married to Victoria Adams, one of members of the Spice Daily Bonus Double Points Daily Bonus

Triple Points Daily Bonus +300 Points Where is John? He is repairing his car in the garage. a. Present simple b. Past simple c. Present continuous d. Past continuous Right now, I am watching TV.

Tomorrow at this time, I will be watching TV as well. a. Future simple b. Future continuous c. Present continuous d. Past continuous He always bed before ten. a. go b. goes c. will go d. is going

Anna told me She .David last week. a. meet b. met c. have met d. had met was cleaning She .......... room when she heard a

strange noise in the kitchen. (clean) I envy you. At five tomorrow you will be getting .some tan on the beach. ( get) Tell 10 animal names Tell at least 10 full names of

english teachers in Sa-nguan Ying School Describe this picture at least 5 sentences Introduce yourself at least 10 sentences The last question You can bet as much as you want but not more than you have.

Who sat up Sa-nguan Ying School ? Phra ya Pisan sankased The End Read the passage 1 What is this passage mainly about? 1. How to control childrens unhappy feelings

2. How to help aggressive children 3. How to discipline ill-behaved children 4. How to learn about childrens behaviors Read the passage 1 ** Which word does Not describe this sort of environment( paragrap2)? 1. Closed. 2. Happy. 3. Comfortable. 4. Safe. **What does they (paragraph3)refer to ? 1. Parents.

2. Children. 3. Unhappy feelings. 4. Breathing exercises. ! Read the passage 1 **Which is Not an example of good parenting? 1. Controlling emotions. 2. Treating children inconsistently. 3. Speaking with a kind tone. 4. Finding creative solutions to problems. **Which statement would the writer agree with the most? 1. We cannot correct childrens aggressive behavior.

2. We can prevent aggression in our children. 3. Aggressive behavior is sometimes good for children. 4. Aggression in children isnt a serious concern. Read the passage 3 **What is the best title for this passage? 1. Global Environmental Conditions. 2. Changes in the Global Nitrogen Cycle. 3. Consequences of Global warning. 4. Human-Caused Ecological Changes. **What does this (paragraph1) refer to? 1. Increasing carbon dioxide concentrations. 2. Having climate consequences.

3. The Earths atmosphere. 4. The global nitrogen cycle. **Which word is closest in meaning to alters (paragraph2)? 1. Changes. 2. Fixes. 3. Directs. 4. Demonstrates. Read the passage 3 **What does this (paragraph3) refer to? 1. Biological diversity in affected areas. 2. Half of the Earths ice-free surface. 3. Development of ecosystems of affected areas.

4. Transformation of the Earths ice-free surface. **According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE? 1. Higher global nitrogen levels are only caused by human activity. 2. Burning fossil fuel results in higher concentrations of carbon dioxide. 3. There are only three causes contributing to global environmental change 4. The change of nitrogen cycle does not affect biological diversity. Read the passage 2 **What is true about anorexia?

1. It may result from other illnesses such as diabetes and liver disease. 2. It does not affect pets whose owners give them a proper diet. 3. Stress is the most frequent cause of anorexia in dogs. 4. Anorexia can generally be treated by changing the pets food **Which of following is closest in meaning to ailments (paragraph 3) 1. Behaviors 2. Weaknesses 3. Illnesses 4. Bowel movements **What does this (paragraph4) refer to? 1. Suddenly changing the pets food 2. Giving the pet food it is used to eating

3. Bringing a new pet into the house 4. Feeding the pet at meal time Read the passage 2 **How might a perfectly healthy dog develop anorexia? 1. The owner allows the dog to choose its food. 2. The owner takes the dog for blood and urine analysis. 3. Its bowl of food is taken away after 10-15 minutes. 4. It does not sniff at its food. **What can be concluded from the passage? 1. Pet owners should be attentive to their pets eating habits because pets can suffer from eating disorders like people do.

2. Pet owners should observe their pets during mating season because they suffer from anorexia. 3. Training dogs to eat at fixed times will prevent them from vomiting and having a bad stomach. 4. When pets suffer from anorexia, owners should increase their appetite by feeding them their favorite snacks. Daily Bonus +400 Points Well done!!! Good luck for GAT test

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