Journey to Performance Excellence - ASQ Section 1106

Journey to Performance Excellence - ASQ Section 1106

TNCPE Level 1 Assessment The first step on a journey to Excellence 9 . t c O 2 1 0 2 , Just 3 Questions 1. Is your organization doing as well as it could? 2. How do you know? 3. What and how should your

organization change to get better results? 2 Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Established by Congress in 1987 Designed to improve the competitiveness of U.S. business (expanded in 1998 & 2005) Identifies role-model organizations Internationally recognized and emulated Management based on asking really good questions National resource Mac Baldrige 3

4 Why Baldrige? As soon as you become a Baldrigebased organization, it will cost you less to run your business, and your outcomes will be better. Rulon F. Stacey, President & CEO Poudre Valley Health System 2008 Baldrige Award Winner 5 Why TNCPE? Easy way in to Baldrige Receive valuable feedback as an applicant Train internal experts through the Board of Examiners Learn best practices as a member Focus on effectiveness and efficiency

Streamline processes, meet customer needs, and improve the bottom line 6 Stair Steps to Excellence Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 Excellence Achievement Commitment Interest Org Profile

Yes Yes Yes Yes Application Focus Org Profile Basic Item requirements Overall Item requirements Multiple Item

requirements Max Length 5 pages 5 + 15 pages 5 + 35 pages 5 + 50 pages Site Visit Day 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days

7 Back to Basics 1. What is your organizations mission? Why does your organization exist? What are you trying to accomplish? 2. What is its vision? Where are you headed? 3. What are its values? What are your guiding principles? 8 TNCPE Culture Mission To drive organizational excellence in Tennessee Vision To be the partner of choice in leading Tennessee organizations to world-class performance

excellence. Togetherbuilding a state of excellence! Values Customer Focus Integrity Respect Collaboration Leadership Excellence Continuous Improvement 9 Alice: Which way should I go? Cat: That depends on where you are going. Alice: I dont know where Im going! Cat: Then it doesnt matter which way you

go! Alice in Wonderland10 Lewis Carroll, 1872 Reacting to Problems 11 Aligned Approaches 12 Excellent Organizations Organizations that enjoy enduring success have core values and a core purpose that remain fixed while their business strategies and practices endlessly adapt to a changing world They have a clear picture of what they are trying to create They are excited and clear about their basic purpose

They share a common set of values The values, mission and vision form the core of Sources: Collins, James C. And Porras, Jerry I. Building Your Companys their identityVision. Harvard Business Review (September-October 1996, pages 65-77). 13 What do your customers want/need? Key Customers Groups of people or organizations that buy your products or services Key Requirements What customers want or need from your products/services; the factors your customers use to decide whether to buy from you or your competitors 14

Level 1: Two Ways to Participate Standard Organizational Profile pages 4-6 in the Criteria Simplified Organizational Profile page 83 in the Criteria Maximum: 5 pages 15 Level 1 Evaluation Process Step 1 Conduct self-assessment Step 2 Submit application to TNCPE Step 3 Judgin Examiner review & site visit g

Receive Feedback Report Strengths and OFIs 16 2009 Interest Appalachian Animal Hospital Recipients (Level 1) The College of Business, Lipscomb College of Business Administration, Belmont Cumberland CountyCrossville Gibson County Lauderdale County Laurel Manor Health Care La-Z-Boy Tennessee Livingston-Overton

County Madison County Adult Education Mayfield Rehabilitation & Special Care Ctr. McNairy Regional Alliance Sumner County Wayne County 2010 2011 Alternative Service Concepts Claiborne County Adult Education Manor House of Dover NHC Healthcare Pulaski

NHC Place Cool Springs NorthCrest Medical Center Roan Scholars Leadership Program Robertson County Adult Education Snyder Signs TRICOR Williamson County Adult Education YWCA of Middle TN GED Prep Services Bedford County JECDB Briarcliff Health Care Center City of Germantown Claris Networks NHC Scott Healthcare

Tennessee Dept. of Childrens Services UTCenter for Industrial Services UTCounty Technical Assistance Service UTLaw Enforcement Innovation Center UTMunicipal Technical Advisory Service UTNaifeh Leadership Center US Ball & Roller Division 17 Applicants & Examiners 250 195

200 177 169 175 100 84 74 50 82 34 20 0

150 147 150 2007 2008 89 80 26 2009 # of examiners # of examiner orgs. # of applicants

76 26 2010 35 2011 37 2012 YTD Keys to Success Leadership Commitment Make it about improving your business not Baldrige or winning an award Leaders get the behaviors they exhibit and reward

Systems Perspective Managing your whole organization, as well as its components, to achieve success Working ON your organization vs. working IN your organization Focus on Results What gets measured gets done What gets charted gets improved 19 TNCPE Board of Directors Dr. Joe Alexander, Associate Dean Belmont University Louis Gump, CEO Impact Management Tony Benton, Vice President Mountain States Health Alliance

Dr. Mary Jinks, Vice President University of Tennessee Dr. Richard Brown, Vice Chancellor University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Lewis Lavine, President Center for Nonprofit Management Manuel Benegas, Administrator Vanderbilt University Medical Center Dr. David Black, President Aegis Sciences Corp. Dr. John Dreyzehner, Commissioner Tennessee Dept. of Health Jim Duensing, Executive Vice President & CFO Caterpillar Financial Services Dr. Linda Garceau, Dean East Tennessee State Univ.

Terri McGuire, Senior Vice President First Tennessee Dr. Mark Montoney, Executive VP & CMO Vanguard Health Systems Jean Rush, President and CEO Kentucky Spirit Health Plan (Centene) George Strodtbeck III, Ex Dir. Quality & COS Cummins Inc. Van Wardlaw, EVP Customer Relations Tennessee Valley Authority Greg York, Director of Operations Marvin Windows and Doors 20 To Learn More ( Application Workshop Nov. 7, 2012 (Nashville)

Excellence in Tennessee Conference Feb. 19 and 20, 2013 (Franklin) Speakers Bureau: 21 For more Information Katie Rawls, President &CEO Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence 2525 Perimeter Place Drive, Suite 122 Nashville, Tennessee 37214 Phone: 615-889-8323 or 800-453-6474 E-mail:[email protected] Please visit our website at

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