JRC Enlargement Action - Guvernul Romaniei

JRC Enlargement Action - Guvernul Romaniei

The JRC Enlargement & Integration Action: Progress and Plans for the Future Information Day, Bucharest 11 May 2006 Giancarlo Caratti, Head of Unit Bucharest - 11.05.06 1 EU Policy Framework 10 New Member States MS joined EU on 1.5.2004. Transitional measures. Supports continues 2 Acceding Countries (Romania, Bulgaria) and 3 Candidate Countries (Turkey, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia). Emphasis on other Western Balkan countries as potential candidates On 3/10/2005 accession negotiations started with Turkey and Croatia. Croatia became associated to FP6 on 1.1.2006 European Neighbourhood Policy encourages cooperation with EU bordering countries with the creation of a single financial instrument (ENPI) Bucharest - 11.05.06 2 JRC support to EU Enlargement policy Strategic Objectives: To help the NMS, AC, CC and PCC in dealing

faster with the EU acquis in areas of JRC competence To contribute to the development of the European Research Area Bucharest - 11.05.06 3 JRC Enlargement and Integration Action Five Intertwined Instruments: 1. Focus JRC core projects on specific Enlargement needs 2. Networks and Indirect Actions 3. Host experts, research fellows 4. Advanced training courses and workshops 5. Information and awareness actions Bucharest - 11.05.06 4 Several projects focused on specific needs of the target countries, including: Environment (Air Quality, Mining Waste, Water Quality, MAHB, etc.) Food (GMO, mycotoxins) Agriculture (MARS, Animal identification, Sustainable Agriculture)

Energy (Cogeneration, Renewables, Conservation) Metrology Nuclear Safety and Security Support to IS Policies Bucharest - 11.05.06 5 Progress Since Information Event 2005 32 JRC networks and projects involve Romanian partners covering various fields: Nuclear Fuel behaviour Fighting illicit trafficking Radioactivity monitoring Environment / Energy Others Metrology Soil, Water, Air Technology Quality Foresight Flood Prediction Information Society Building codes Agriculture / Food Compliance with

CAP GMO in food Food Safety Bucharest - 11.05.06 Information Event at the Academic of Economic Studies Bucharest 24 May 20056 2. Workshops and advanced training courses 120 specialised S&T workshops and advanced training courses Organised in collaboration with Policy DGs and DG ENLARGEMENTTAIEX All workshops open also to experts from WBC Nomination via PCC Missions to the EU / NCP Examples of Training / Workshops Code Contents IHCP-01 Food IPSC-20 Agriculture ITU-22 Nuclear

Security Metrology Energy Foresight A. Mycotoxins B. Authenticity of Wine C. Food Safety D. Dioxin Analysis Electronic identification of cattle, sheep and goats Fighting Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear Material Metrology in Chemistry Implementing Cogeneration Directive Future Studies of Enlarged Europe Environment Implementation of air quality directives IRMM-24 IE-05 IPTS-27 IES-13 Bucharest - 11.05.06 Policy Area Associated CEC-DG

SANCO, AGRI AGRI, SANCO TREN, ELARG Various TREN Various ENV 7 2. Workshops and advanced training courses Programme areas addressed in the scheme Connection to Acquis chapters Food Safety; Mycotoxins; Acrylamides; Allergens; Nutrients and Food Additives; Chemical Measurements; Biotechnology; Chemicals Human Exposure to(REACH); Physical Agents; Chemical Safety Alternative

Air, Water and Soil Quality; IPPC; Health Reference Systems Environment Tests; Human Exposure to Chemicals Natural Hazards; Floods; Certified ReferenceForests; Materials, Metrology Landslides; Illicit Discharges; Metrology Remote Sensing Monitoring; Crop Geographical Information Systems Production Forecasts; Livestock Agriculture Energy Efficiency; Renewable Energies; Traceability;

Authentication of Origin; Nuclear Safety, Security and Waste Nanomaterials, Foresight, Security, Energy and Nuclear Safety Environment Concerns in Agriculture Management; Radiation Protection Border Control, Vulnerable Others Infrastructures, Intellectual Property Rights Food Bucharest - 11.05.06 8

Progress Since Information Event 2005 320 Romanian experts participated in 102 JRC specialised workshops in 2005 dealing with S&T aspects of the EU acquis 8 JRC workshops were organised in Romania Information Event atUniversity BabesBolyai, Cluj-Napoca, 25 May 2005 Bucharest - 11.05.06 9 Enlargement and Integration Action 2005 Number of experts trained in JRC workshops by countries 350 300 250 200 320 317 150 248 100 157

156 50 80 41 0 Bucharest - 11.05.06 190 121 164 116 61 34 97 14 12 4 15 49 20

2 20 2 3 14 5 33 5 7 24 10 3. Job opportunities JRC reserves 100 positions for staff from New Members States, Acceding and Candidate Countries in 2006 - Extensions - Publications Open call Evaluation and information of candidates

Establishment of reserve list of selected candidates www.jrc.cec.eu.int/enlargement www.jrc.cec.eu.int/jobs Bucharest - 11.05.06 11 3. Job opportunities Detached National Experts (preference from public entities) / Contract Agents Research Fellows (on selected bases and will be changed to Contract Agents) Young Trainees Bucharest - 11.05.06 12 3. Job opportunities: The JRC Mobility scheme of SNE and Research Fellows currently restricted to countries associated to FP6 For others (= not associated) possibilities are offered by Marie Curie Schemes Bucharest - 11.05.06 13 Progress Since Information Event 2005

39 Romanian researchers are currently working at the DG JRC institutes within projects of interest to JRC and Romania They are selected via open calls Press Conference in Bucharest on 24/5/ 2005 , Mr Anton, Mr Schenkel and Mr Scheele Bucharest - 11.05.06 14 Visiting / Temporary Staff from NMS and CC working at JRC Institutes 250 200 150 100 50 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 0

Via Calls for Manifestation of Interest for DNE and VS and ELSA data base (CORDIS) JRC competition for Research Staff from NMS closed in September 2004. Bucharest - 11.05.06 15 Number of employees New Member States, Acceeding and Candidate Countries Staff Employed at DG JRC (Dec'2005) 45 40 35 23 30 20 25 13 15 13 20 6 15 22 19 10 15 12 13 14 5 0 4 7 6 2

Statutory staff Bucharest - 11.05.06 2 5 6 4 1 2 1 1 2 Non-statutory staff 16 Bucharest - 11.05.06 M a al ta

La tv i Es to ni a Hu ng ar y Li th ua ni a Cr oa t ia Re pu bl ic Cy pr us O th

er Tu rk ey Po la nd Ro m an ia Sl ov Sl en ov ia ak Re pu bl ic Cz ec h Bu lg

ar ia Response to the 2005 Call for temporary staff 90 80 70 60 50 Applicantions 40 Reserve List 30 20 10 0 17 4. Joint proposals under FP6 / FP7 JRC applies to FP calls on equal footing and on

competitive basis equal to all other organisations Over 70% of these proposals include one or more partner(s) from NMS and Enlargement countries Possible proposals for submission of joint proposals could be routed via either the JRC institutes, ISR (Brussels) or NCP (or vice-versa) Offers for cooperation will be considered Bucharest - 11.05.06 18 4. Joint proposals under FP6 / FP7 How to establish a contact with JRC : - check out project web-site with indications of areas and contact the there indicated project manager and /or : contact the Enlargement Contact Officer of the institute JRC - Project Knowledge System integrates JRC+CORDIS databases Bucharest - 11.05.06 19 4. Joint proposals under FP6 / FP7 JRC - Project Knowledge System

example http://projects.jrc.cec.eu.int Ankara Bucharest - 11.05.06 20 Further Information General information on the Sixth Framework Programme : http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/nfp.html Information on research programmes and projects : http://www.cordis.lu INCO infodesk and infopoint: [email protected] International Scientific Cooperation Policy: http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/iscp/index_en.html Information requests: [email protected] Bucharest - 11.05.06 21 JRC Specific Programme Proposal for FP7 In support to EU enlargement and integration, the JRC aims at promoting the integration of New Member States' organisations and researchers in its activities in particular on the implementation of the S&T components of the EU acquis,

as well as an increased cooperation with those from Candidate Countries. A progressive opening is also envisaged towards the Neighbouring Countries, specifically on priority topics of the European Neighbourhood Policy Bucharest - 11.05.06 22 European Neighbourhood Policy The objective of ENP is to share the benefits of enlargement with neighbouring countries and strengthen stability, security and prosperity Distinct from the issue of potential membership Privileged relationship build on mutual commitment to common values (Democracy, Human Rights, Market economy, Sustainable development) Economic cooperation include trade, aspects of internal market policies, energy, transport, information society, environment, research and innovation, social policy Bucharest - 11.05.06 23 Which countries already have ENP Action Plans ? ENP Partner Countries Contractual relation

Country Report Action Plan Algeria AA - 2005 Under development Armenia PCA - 1999 March 05 Under development Azerbaijan PCA - 1999 March 05 Under development Egypt AA - 2004

March 05 Under development Georgia PCA - 1999 March 05 Under development Israel AA - 2000 May 04 Adopted 2005 Jordan AA - 2002 May 04 Adopted 2005 Lebanon

AA imminent March 05 Under development Moldova PCA 1998 May 04 Adopted 2005 Morocco AA 2000 May 04 Adopted 2005 Palestinian Authority Interim AA 1997 May 04 Adopted 2005

Tunisia AA 1998 May 04 Adopted 2005 Ukraine PCA 1998 May 04 Adopted 2005 Bucharest - 11.05.06 24 JRC contacts: whom to contact, where? Romanian NCP [email protected] At the JRC institutes: IPSC [email protected] IES [email protected] IHCP [email protected] IPTS [email protected] EI [email protected] IRMM [email protected]

ITU [email protected] JRC, Brussels: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Gateway: http://www.jrc.cec.eu.int/enlargement Bucharest - 11.05.06 25 Thank You for Your Support !!! (old) EU Member State (new) EU Member States (integration) EFTA Country Acceding Country Candidate Country Potential Candidate Country Partnership Agreement European Neighbouring Country Bucharest - 11.05.06 26

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