Just a quick note:

Just a quick note:

W-SR WILDERNESS STUDIES The class was developed to promote student awareness of, and compatibility with, the natural environment.

Students are introduced to the geologic and biologic processes of the mountain environments. Just a quick note: You will receive a science credit for

this class and your grade will be added to you GPA. Grade is base on pre-trip meeting attendance, assignments, notebook with journals, and attitude and

participation on the trip. Program Leaders 1986-2002 John Verdon and Dave Sage 2003 2008 Darrin Siefken , Jim Gates, Jason Reyerson, Ben Olsen, and others.

2009 present Jason Reyerson Here is the crew from the 2009 trip. Abbey and Autumn conquered the mountain!

Autumn, Michelle, Abbey, Lauren, & Mrs. Bates Alex, Gabe, Kally, Indigo, Wilson, Matt

I can now say I have not merely hiked in the mountains, or around the mountains, but that I have hiked over a mountain. I have stood atop a peak, and looked around 360 degrees. Okay, so it wasn't Everest, and there were taller mountains

around me. But none of that diminishes the fact that I did it. And I did it carrying 35lbs on my back. Indigo Scott Kally & Amanda

Ryan, Mr. Olson, Mr. Reyerson, & Matt Who can apply? All WSR high school students What do we do?

Backpack Camp Day hikes Fishing What we do? Sledding Swimming (its cold)

Photography Fun Quotes "It's just around the corner -- Ben "Are we in Minnesota? -- Michelle "Oh Alice -- the girls car "Backing up...you're good...backing up...backing

up"--the girls car "Did I say corner? I meant corners..." -- Ben "Mark it!"-- Bates "Don't stare. " *click* -- JRey "It's just around this group of trees..."-Everyone at some point in time does anyone need to filter water?-- Michelle

"Is it Blake or Bryce?" -- everyone sometime I can feel it we're gonna see a moose -- Bates Gear Provided by WSR Backpacks Tents Water filters

Stoves Pots and pans Stuff you will need. Food Clothes Hiking boots

Close-toed shoes for river crossings Rain gear Stocking cap & gloves Extra clothes Sleeping bag Sleeping pad

First aid Gear can be rented from Lessons include Wild flower identification History - Visit a mining town Astronomy

Ecology Geology Weather Wilderness travel and preparation Leave no trace Here is a bear from our last trip

less than mile from camp! Here is a deer we saw along the trail. Many different species of flowers.

Mountain lakes and streams Amazing Views Time line for the class. Now November 30th Apply for acceptance

December Receive an acceptance or denial letter January May Monthly meetings to prepare for the trip. May 5th & 6th Pre-trip campout at Volga River

State Forest June Road Trip! Timeline continued

Tentatively planned for June 19th- July 1st 2 days to drive out Short hikes to acclimate to altitude One day in town = showers &

shopping Long hikes 2 days to get home Applications 1. Complete the online application 2. Submit and interest letter

3. Submit a reference letter 4. Pay a $75 deposit How to apply Cost? Total = $475

$75 deposit at time of application Your money will be returned if you are not selected $200 by January 31st $200 by March 31st Scholarships are available for qualified students

Other money for: Food on car ride Shopping Day spent in Crested Butte

We hiked a lot - I think the total for our group was about 50 + miles. We did some fishing and ate some great trout. We studied flowers, geology and astrology. We saw snakes, deer, elk, a bear, a porcupine and

many a marmot. We played cards and fun games around the fire.

We got a shower ( a glorious event) and had fun in town for the day. Mostly though we found out that we are but a small part of a great big wonderful world. IT WAS A GREAT TRIP - it was fun - it was hard - it was great.

I am happy and proud to have went and hope that many more students and chaperones take " It is not the goal but the way there that matters, and the harder the way the more worthwhile the journey. Wilfred Thesiger

Are you up to the challenge? Questions? Contact Mr. Reyerson [email protected] Room 131 = PLTW lab

The great people at Crawdaddy Outdoors are familiar with this trip. They can help with questions and equipment selection.

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