KCSS High School 101 for Parents and Guardians 2016-17

KCSS High School 101 for Parents and Guardians 2016-17

High School 101 for Parents and Guardians King City Secondary School King City Secondary School Administration: Principal Ms. C. McGinley Vice Principal (A-K) Mrs. M. Schmidt Vice-Principal (LZ) Ms. L. MacDonald

KCSS September 2016 - First Language Farsi; 1.97% Not Specified; 2.25% Russian; 3.00% Mandarin; 5.82% English; 73.62% English Korean Turkish Armenian Pashto Lithuanian Mandarin Spanish Persian Estonian

Romanian Marathi Russian Urdu Arabic German Afrikaans Polish Not Specified Hebrew Bengali Gujarati Cambodian Farsi Farsi-Persian Dari Hindi Dutch

Cantonese Punjabi Portuguese Italian Hungarian Tamil Vietnamese Albanian Katchi Ilokano School Boundaries PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT DID YOU KNOW... When parents are involved in their teen's high school experiences, students

have higher achievement. are better adjusted. are less likely to drop out of school. SCHOOL HOURS Show your teen that school is important by doing your part in getting your teen to school by 8:05 a.m. every morning. School begins at 8:20

Students who are late for school miss crucial routines, announcements and learning Being at school at least 15 minutes before the bell allows time to get to their lockers and organize their materials for the day Excuse your teen from classes only for urgent or unavoidable reasons. Students who continually arrive after 8:20 a.m. will have consequences (often detentions).

PARKING LOT The school driveway is reserved for bus traffic between 7:30-8:05 am and 2:15-2:45. Student pick-ups and drop offs should be completed in the east parking lot during bus arrivals and departures. CLASSES Students will have the same four classes each day for the semester.

Classes are 75 minutes long. Supplies binder, pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, calculator, lined paper, USB key Optional subjects may require special supplies. Physical Education t-shirt + shorts are required. ATTENDANCE Emphasize Perfect Attendance: Try to book appointments for after school or at lunch.

Student Absence: A Parent/Guardian must call the attendance office before 8:30 am. Daytime Appointments: Send a note students must be signed out in the main office Extended Absence: Students must complete an extended absence form to be signed by parents and your childs teachers. The form must be returned to the attendance office prior to the absence. Try to avoid

scheduling vacations during school. ATTENDANCE Planned Absences: Your child should inform his or her teachers prior to the date of absence. Sports or Other School Activities : Students should inform teachers well in advance of absences. Exams :

Do not book holidays in January and June! Exam dates must be adhered to and exams can NOT be re-arranged. They are a critical demonstration of learning and missing an exam can have a significant impact on your childs final mark. Who Can Help You? Student Success Team Ms. Morris, Mr. Masterson Student Success (rm. 204) Ms. Boyd- Head of Special Education (rm. 101) Ms. Williamson- Head of English as a Second

Language (rm. 218) Mr. Pederson - Head of Guidance Student Council Executive President: Natalie Hanna Vice President: Maha Dogar Secretary:

School Council Liaison: YRPC Rep: Social Convenor: Treasurer: Emilio Perrone

Marketer: Diego Lopes Grade 12 Rep: Grade 11 Rep: Eleanor Kenyon Grade 10 Rep: Alisa Cipressi Tom Hu Sandra Mai Jessica Leigh

Roman Olynyk Julianna Adamusiak Caring and Safe Schools This policy can be found in the school start-up package. Make sure that your child is aware of the consequences that apply for inappropriate behaviour. There are clear consequences for violence, intimidation, weapons, bullying/cyber bullying, and possession and/or use of drugs/alcohol. If students feel threatened or bullied they should report it to an adult (teacher, guidance counsellor or administrator).

We work closely with York Regional Police and have officers assigned to our school. You will often see them in the building. Caring and Safe Schools Safety Week September 25-October 2 Fire Drill & Lock Down drills VALUABLES Leave valuables (e.g. money, i-pod, digital cameras) at home.

The school does not take responsibility for lost or stolen articles. Students should not leave expensive items in their lockers or Phys. Ed. changerooms. Students should not share their locker combinations. STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES Cell Phones & iPods May not be used in any way to record another person without their permission

Absolutely may not be used or visible during evaluations (tests, exams, in-class evaluations) They may be used in classrooms only with the permission of the teacher and as part of the learning activity HOMEWORK Expect approximately 1-2 hours of homework per day. ASSIGNMENTS Be involved in your teens school life!

Students should write due dates of assignments in their Agenda Books. Check your teens agenda regularly. I FORGOT that the assignment was due, is not an acceptable excuse. Set up a schedule so the assignment can be completed on time and not at the last minute! Review assignments and rubrics with students to ensure that all requirements have been met.

Encourage your teen to share returned assignments so you can read the teacher's comments. INTERNET Computers should be in a common area in the house and not in your childs bedroom. Limit the time spent on the Internet each day. Be aware of the websites your child is visiting. INTERNET

Messaging and Chat Rooms Parents should be aware of who their children are chatting with and what they are saying. Walk by your child when they are on the computer to see what they are doing. Safety Any information or photos posted online are public and can be viewed and manipulated by anyone. Report Suspicious Activity. If you or your child encounter suspicious or dangerous situations online, report them to your Internet Service Provider and local police. EXTRA HELP KCSS

teachers always provide extra help! The student should set up a time to meet with his/her teacher before school, at lunch time, or after school. Many departments in the school offer extra help rooms after school. Ensure that your teen keeps this appointment. Our Student Success teacher, and literacy teachers are also available to provide assistance to students who are at risk. Call your teens teacher or the Guidance Department if you have concerns.

TIPS FOR PARENTS Encourage your teen to do his/her best in school. Remember personal best does not mean perfect and learning is not the same as achieving high grades. Teens, like adults, need the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. Encourage your teen to get involved in KCSSs

sports teams, clubs, or councils! Tips for Parents contd Your attitude toward education makes a strong and lasting impression on your teen. Help your teen set goals. At the beginning of each term, help your teen identify three or four goals. Post the goals where they can be seen. (The refrigerator is always an excellent spot.) Make

sure the goals are specific. Parental Involvement Attend parent/teacher interviews (October 27 and March 23 this year). Your teen makes the appointments with their teachers. Sign up early as timeslots fill up quickly! Attend concerts, sports events, and multi-cultural events. School Council Being a member of the school council is your doorway to information.

School council executive consists of: Chair/Co-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. School council meetings are held in the Library from 7:00 9:00 p.m. on the following dates: February 15th, 2017 September 21st, 2016 October 19th, 2016 April 19th, 2017 November 16th, 2016

May 17th, 2017 June 7th, 2017 Some Tips Encourage your teen to become independent. Communicate - Encourage your teen to talk about school, social events, and their peers. Friends Get to know your teens new friends. Bullying- Watch for symptoms that your teen may be a bullying victim. Be aware of signs such

as withdrawal, a drop in grades, physical signs, or needing extra money or supplies. Inform administration immediately! E-mail Addresses Please ensure that we have your email address. Many school communications are sent through email. This is a great way to keep on top of what is going on at the school. We Look Forward to working with you over the next 4 years!

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