Kingdom Monera

Kingdom Monera


1. Prokaryotic Cells 2. Reproduce by binary fission and fragmentation. 3. Represenative of the oldest and most primitive life on earth. KINGDOM MONERA

Division Cyanophyta Division Schizophyta Viruses Rickettsia Division Cyanophyta 1. Blue-Green Algae (a) Nostoc (b) Oscillatoria VIRUSES

1. DEFINITION 2. AGENTS OF DISEASE IN ALL FORMS OF LIFE. (a) Acellular (b) Ultramicroscopic exhibit host specificity (d) exhibit tissue affinity (e) obligately parasitic (f) single nucleic acid

VIRUSES Contd. ALIVE? The infective form has (1) no metabolisim (2) requires energy, enzymes, and protein synthesizing machinery of a living host in order to reproduce. They can be crystallized. VIRUS CLASSIFICATION

By HOST 1. 2. 3. 4.

Phages Human Animal Plant BY TISSUE AFFINITY 1. Dermatotrophic 2. Neurotrophic 3. Lymphotrophic 4. Viscerotrophic VIRUSES CONTD.

STRUCTURE Various shapes Example: Bacteriophage (a) capsid (protein coat) (b) central core of either DNA or RNA VIRUSES Contd.

1. Work of Iwanowski; Loeffler & Frosch; Reed 2. Reproduction (see handout) (a) adsorption (b) penetration replication (d) assemblage (e) lysis 3. Compare lytic cycle to lysogenic cycle. 4. Treatment

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