Kingdom Protista

Kingdom Protista

Eukaryotes Mostly Unicellular Organism Evolved from the symbiosis of several cells of Archaebacteria Heterotrophs Animal like Protozoa (classified by locomotion) Fungus like Protist (absorb nutrients from

dead/decaying organisms) Autotrophs Phylum Sarcodina Free living- Fresh or brackish water, bottom dwellers Parasitic Pseudopod: temporary cytoplasmic projection Food vacuoles, some have shells Use pseudopods to take in food by phagocytosis

Use psedopods for movement and feeding (phagocytosis) Example: Amoebas, Foraminiferan, Heliozoan Phylum Ciliophora (Ciliates) Free living- Fresh and salt water Have two nuclei: Micronucleus and Macronucleus Contractile vacuoles, gullet, cilia Use cilia to sweep food particles into the gullet Use cilia for movement (short hair like-projections)

Example: Paramecium Phylum Zoomastiginia Free living lakes or streams Symbiotic relationship with host One

or 2 flagella to swim Feed One by absorbing nutrient or 2 flagella to swim

Example: Causes Trypanosoma sleeping sickness spread by tsetse fly Giardia

Phylum Sporozoa Habitat host organism Sporozoites Live off the host. Infects and destroys RBC

No locomotion All parasites with complex life cycles Example: Plasmodium (causes malaria)

Bellwork 1-27-2014 What uses do humans have for genetically engineered bacteria? What ways do we keep bacteria from growing on our food? How do we differentiate between animal-like

protist? Unicellular Algae Photosynthesis using chlorophyll and other pigments (absorb different light wavelengths) The base of the food chain in oceanic life Euglenophyta

Special Structures two flagella Eyespot pellicle (cell membrane) no cell wall Chloroplast Contractile Vacuoles Example Euglena

Chrysophyta Special Structures Pectin carbohydrate in cell wall Some have cellulose Examples golden algae gold color Yellow-green algae

Bacillariophyta Special Structures silicon dioxide cell walls Intricate designs Examples diatoms Pyrrophyta Special Structures

2 Flagella wrap around the organism Bioluminescence chemical light Examples dinoflagellates Phytoplankton Small photosynthetic organisms close to the surface Carry out half the photosynthesis in the world

(Important source of oxygen for the atmosphere) Base of aquatic food chains Algal Blooms Rapidly growing algal populations in response to sewage (nitrogen) and other organic materials Blooms remove nutrients from water, this causes death of other organisms

RED TIDE: and algal bloom that causes shell fish poisoning. !!!!!! Satellite Photo Barents Sea Multicellular Plant like Protist Red algae grow the deepest due to certain pigments Phycobilins- red pigments Brown Algae largest and most complex algae

Chlorophyll A & C Fucoxanthin brown accesory pigment Example: Kelp and Sargassum weed have blades (leaf like), stipes (stem like), bladders (gas filled for floating) hold fast (root like) Green Algae

Have cellulose in cell walls; considered plant-like; store food as starch Chlorophyll A & B Example: Sea Lettuce 1. Base of food chain in the ocean (make for diversity in ocean) 2. Production of Earths oxygen

3. Source of Vitamin C and Iron 4. Chemicals used to treat stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and arthritis 5. Food and food additives thickeners and texturerizers of ice cream, salad dressings, and candy 6. Used to make plastics, waxes, and transistors 7. Agar- used in labs to thicken nutrient, to grow

bacteria Fungus-like protists include slime molds and water molds decomposers, like fungi can move, like animals Slime molds Eukaryotic organisms: fungus-like and animal-like

Decomposers, can move Water molds are freshwater, fungus-like protists. one type of water mold caused Great Potato Famine of Ireland in the 1800s made of branching strands of cells

can be parasites of plants or fish

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