Kingdom Protista - The World of Teaching

Kingdom Protista - The World of Teaching

Kingdom Protista The Catchall Kingdom Algae

Characteristics of Algae Autotrophic Not plants why?

Often contain pyrenoids Structure of Algae Thallus or body

Unicellular or multicellular Colonial: Volvoz Filamentous: Spirogyra Multicellular: Ulva Asexual and sexual reproduction

Phylums Phylum Chlorophyta Phylum Phaeophyta Phylum Rhodophyta

Phylum Bacillariophyta Phylum Dinoflagellata Phylum Chrysophyta Phyla Euglenohyta Phylum Chlorophyta

Look familiar? Continued Green

algae Many different forms Gave rise to land plants why? Choroplasts that contain a and b cholorphyll Have carotenoids Cell walls of cellulose

Ulva Colonial Chlorophyta Phylum Phaeophyta

Brown algae Marine

Seaweed and kelps Cooler areas of ocean Fucoxanthin pigment Store food as laminarin ALL multicellular Stemlike stipe

Leaflike region called blade Phylum Rhodophyta Red algae but colors vary

Marine seaweeds Smaller than brown algae and live in deeper waters Phycobilins pigment for absorbing light Some coated with polysaccharide carageenan cosmetics, gel capsules,

cheeses Agar extracted from cell walls of red algae Phylum Bacillariophyta Diatoms Shells

fit together like a box with a lid Centric and pennate Main component of phytoplankton Diatomaceous earth

Phylum Dinoflagellata Dinoflagellates Small, unicellular Most photosynthetic

Some bioluminescent Red tide a problem Phylum Chrysophyta Golden

algae Most fresh water Form cysts 2 flagella Carotenoids give color Important for formation of petroleum deposits

Phylum Euglenophyta Euglenoids Plant-like and animal-like characteristics

Many have cholorphyll and are photosynthetic No cell wall, motile Most live in fresh water See picture on page 533

Fungus-like protists Slime molds: Phylum acrasiomycota Cellular slime molds Amoeboid movement

Water molds Phylum Oomycota Blight

Phylum Myxomycota Plasmodial slime molds Mass of plasmodium

Phylum Chytridiomycota Chytrids Zoospores with one flagellum Maybe fungi?

Slime molds Water molds Chytrids

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