Kitchen Basics - Tamaqua Area School District

Kitchen Basics - Tamaqua Area School District

1 Pre Heat Questions Why is the Universal Design (UD) Law important? 2 Ms. Makuta 3 Learning the Basics Unit Objectives: 1. Identify the importance of an effective kitchen design. 2. Identify and determine the difference between major appliance, minor appliances, and various kitchen equipment.

4 Learning the Basics What you need to know in order to be successful in the kitchen: Know Your Kitchen Work Centers Know Your Kitchen Tools Major Appliances Minor Appliance Kitchen Equipment 5 Know Your Kitchen Knowing your kitchen and tools helps you work

efficiently and successful: Work Centers for kitchen activities: Food Preparation and Storage: Counter for preparing food. Refrigerator and cabinets for storing utensils and food. Cooking and Serving: Stovetop and oven for cooking and baking. Cabinets and counter for tools and utensils. Clean Up: Sink and dishwasher. Cabinets for storing dishes, tools, and utensils. Todays Kitchens: May also have a planning work center with a computer, bookshelves and desk.

6 Kitchen Work Centers Some kitchen floor plans are much better than others because they allow the work to flow more smoothly. The more that the range, refrigerator and sink are located so that each is at the point of a triangle, the better. This is called the Work Triangle. In food preparation the work flows from refrigerator to cabinet, to the cleaning food if necessary, to preparing, to cooking and serving. Ideally, the sink should be between refrigerator and range. You don't want people walking through the kitchen to get from one area to another that causes confusion/congestion/accidents.

7 Kitchen Work Centers What do we do in the kitchen? Food uses of the kitchen: Work Triangle Storage Preparatio n Cooking Serving Clean up Planning 8

Kitchen Designs The goal to a good kitchen design is to create the an efficient kitchen. Learn the centers in your kitchen. Keep tools in the center where they are first used. Can you identify the shapes of the kitchens below? Where would each center be located? Centers: or L-Shape U-Shape Storage Preparatio n

Cooking Serving Clean up Planning One Wall or Two Walls (popular in apartments) 9 Think about it question What is the major difference between a cooking appliance (such as a stove) and a kitchen tool such as a (baking dish)? 10

Cooking Appliances Cooking appliances are any kitchen tool that requires electricity. Various cooking methods are accomplished in the kitchen and everyone has their favorite! phot o Gas Cooktop Cooking surface. Heats up instantly. High is very hot. Takes a few minutes. Temperature settings.

Bake In the oven by dry heat. ready. Needs to preheat. 2-3 minutes/100 degrees F. Needs to preheat. Timer goes off when Broil Cooking by direct heat. accordingly. Very hot - open flame. Hot top coils. Adjust broiler pan accordingly. Adjust racks

Convection Bake Electric phot o Cooking Method Close door/watch carefully. Keep door ajar. Adjust time accordingly. Adjust time accordingly. 11

Small Appliances Have you used the following? Waffle Iron Rice CookerBread Maker Blender Griddle Slow Cooker Toaster Deep Fryer Pressure Cooker Electric Mixer Food Processor How many more can you name? 12 Major Appliances Have you used the following? Oven Freeze Stove

Dishwasher Range Refrigerator Microwave Lets look at the difference 13 Major Appliances Oven Microwave Range

Stove Dishwasher Refrigerator Freeze 14 Kitchen Equipment Cooking and baking tools and utensils save time and energy. Make sure all utensils are durable and are easy to clean. Learn how to use these tools for best results:

Cutting and serving Mixing Baking - in the oven Cooking - on the stovetop 15 Cutting & Serving Tools tongs knives vegetable peeler grater

can opener ladle serving 16 Mixing Tools and Measuring Tools Pancake Dry Measuring Turner/Spatula Cups Wooden Liquid Measuring

Spoon Cups Wire WhiskSpoons Measuring Rubber Scraper Rotary Beater Pastry Blender Rolling Pin Mixing Bowls Strainer/Colander 17 Baking Tools bread/loaf pan cake pan cookie sheet muffin pan 10 X 15

baking pan 9 X 13 rectangular pie pan 18 Cooking Tools saucepan small fry pan 3-4 qt saucepan stock pot

large fry pan stir fry pan (wok) roaster casserole dishes 19 Kitchen Basics Review Answer the following questions: 1. Name three work centers in a kitchen. 2. What is the major difference between kitchen appliances and kitchen tools? 3. Identify a major appliance and a minor appliance.

3. Name the two main types of cooking that are done with the stove. 4. Give two examples of how you can prevent accidents in the kitchen? 20 Online Resources Suggested web sites appropriate for the Kitchen Basics: Detailed information and comparisons on appliances. Recipes. Details on equipment, terms, reading a recipe, food safety

as well as many other kitchen aids. Recipes. Information for kids on food safety, games to play, on line quizzes and links to nutrition web sites. Please note that web sites are constantly changing and being updated. Learning ZoneXpress

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