Kitchen Safety - Just FACS

Kitchen Safety - Just FACS

Kitchen Safety Be SAFE!!! 2010 Just FACS Kitchen Safety Tips for Preventing Burns/Fires Tips Treating Minor burns Keep hair tied back Run under cool water

Always use oven mitts Turn panhandles inward Apply lotion, moisturizer or burn Tilt pot lid away from face to prevent burns crme from steam Cover loosely with Keep towels and other clean gauze materials away from heating elements Clean grease and bits of food off oven Preventing Fires/Burns Extinguish fires with: Fire Extinguisher by following the PASS steps

Pull Pin Aim at Base of Fire Spray fire while using a Sweeping motion Smother fires with Salt, baking Soda or wet towel Never put water on a Grease Fire Dont Panic!!! Preventing Falls Tips

Clean up Spills immediately Keep floor clear of clutter Make sure rugs are secure Make sure shoes fit and all laces are tied Treating Falls Leave person on floor if anything seems to be broken Alert an adult Preventing Cuts tips Treatment for cuts Keep Knives sharp

Clean cuts by running Always hold knives by the under warm water handle Wash knives separately Dont try to catch a falling knife Keep fingers away from rough surfaces, slicing edges and rotating beaters Sweep up glass immediately with broom and dustpan

Apply pressure if bleeding is heavy Apply antibacterial crme or spray Bandage with clean gauze or band-aid Preventing choking Tips treatment Chew with your mouth Apply Heimlich closed maneuver

Dont talk and laugh Alert adult with your mouth full Dont play with your mount food Chew your food thoroughly before swallowing Preventing Shock Tips No aluminum foil or any metal in the microwave

Dont plug in several appliances at once Always unplug appliances after use Make sure hands are dry when dealing with electric appliances Keep all electrical appliances and cords away from water Treatment Unplug appliance Do not touch appliance or person Notify adult Other ways to be safe in the kitchen!

Keep chemicals away from foods and food preparation areas Store foods properly Cook foods thoroughly Always wash your hands Store heavy items on bottom shelves

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