Kiwanis Club of Jacksonville Beaches Florida District ...

Kiwanis Club of Jacksonville Beaches Florida District ...

November 3, 2011 CLUB MEMBERS Florida District Division 5 JuliAnn Adams 910-538-2518 280-8358 John Bates/Delores 223-0890 Charles Bender/Wanda 716-5359 Nancy Bernard 249-5877 Howard Brown/Hazel 241-8006 Diana Coffman/David 446-4002 Jane Fairall 704-7482 Doug Hudson Kyriakos Ioannides/Nadia Debbie Johnson/Jay Carl Krouch/Phyllis James Lane/Marie James Lee/Mary Ellen Bill MacLeod/Mary Lou Bill Montgomery/Lea Joe Overby/Jean 241-0268 260-4939 249-8842 285-7273 382-9646 220-2355 221-5527 249-3513 Walt Pfeil/Marie Neil Powell/Kristina Paula Powell Lal Ramdeen/Daphne Butch Shadwell/Bev 221-6810 343-3571 899-6446 992-8275 410-9750 THE SIX OBJECTS OF KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL Division 5 Clubs Crown Plaza Hotel 2011-2012 Chairs/Co-Chairs Committees Child Safety Club Administration Community Analysis Service - Fernandina Beach Club Community Finance and Fundraising Municipal Golf Clubhouse Human and Spiritual Values Interclub 6:30 PM (1st,2nd & 3rd Mon) Membership Growth and Education Newsletter Editor Tues - St. Augustine Club Program Coordinator Carrabbas Italian Grill Public Relations Sponsored Youth SR 312 & US 1, Noon (824-8244) Webmaster Young Children: Priority One 1201 Riverplace Blvd, 12:30 Wed - Arlington Club Jacksonville University Nellies ( in the Davis Student Commons) 11:00 12:00 (1st & 3rd Wed) - Deerwood Club(2nd thru 4th Events Fletcher Scholar Recognition Breakfast Thanksgiving Dinner for Seniors Officers 2011-2012 President Debbie Johnson Deercreek Country Club President Elect Governors room, 7816 McLaurin Rd, Lal Ramdeen Treasurer 12:00 Nancy Bernard Thurs - Jacksonville Beaches Secretary JuliAnn Adams Club Past President Crab Cake Factory Butch Shadwell week) 1396 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Bch, 12 :00 Butch Shadwell Bill Montgomery Paula Powell Lal Ramdeen Debbie Johnson TBD TBD TBD Beverly Shadwell TBD James Lee John Bates James Lee TBD Butch Shadwell John Bates District Governor Board of Directors 2011-2012 Eddie Lee John Bates District Jane Fairall Exec. Director Bill Montgomery George Bill MacLeod Langguth Joe Overby District Club Paula Powell Newsletters Chair Bud Brown Lt. Governor Division 5 International Butch Shadwell President Alan Penn - Historic St. Augustine Club Kiwanis Websites:, The Village Inn 900 Ponce de Leon Blvd (U.S. 1), 7, Mailing Address: Kiwanis of Jacksonville Beaches -Westside Club - Quality Inn PO Box 50504 Jacksonville Bch, FL 32240 I-295 & Commonwealth, 12:30 Newsletter Editor:: [email protected] - Deerwood Club(1st week of mo) 65 Years Of Service Chartered: August 1,1946

SERVING THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD Mon - Jacksonville Club KIWANIS CLUB OF JACKSONVILLE BEACHES To give primacy to the human & spiritual rather than the material values of life. To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. To promote the adoption & the application of higher social, business, & professional standards. To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, & serviceable citizenship. To provide, through Kiwanis Clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, & to build better communities. To cooperate in creating & maintaining that sound public opinion & high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, & goodwill. Todays Meeting Opening Ceremony: President Debbie Johnson Song: God Bless America Pledge of Allegiance Invocation Birthdays/ Announcements Anniversaries Happy Bucks Program 50/50 Fundraiser Drawing Reminders Joke Adjourn PROGRAMS TODAYS PROGRAM Achieving Club Excellence Part 1 November 10 Achieving Club Excellence Part 2 November 17 Achieving Club Excellence Part 3 LAST WEEKS HIGHLIGHTS October 27 & 29, 2011 New Florida Governor Eddie Lees Slogan: EMBRACE THE POSSIBILITIES! KIWANIS FAIR President Debbie chaired the meeting on October 27th. The club discussed final plans for the upcoming Kiwanis Fair on Saturday. I wanted to take a moment to extend a HUGE thanks to everyone who participated in our fair/fundraiser this past Saturday. The rains may have dampened the streets, but the rains didn't dampened our spirits. For several hours, we fitted and gave away bicycle helmets; we sold many plants graciously donated by Joe Overby, and we sold delicious hotdogs and hamburgers cooked by Burt Van Wagner. It was a fun day! In addition to the generosity and help from Joe and Burt, there are many others who I want to thank. The event would not have been made possible without all your help! With sincere thanks, Debbie October 29, 2011 Thank You ! *To JuliAnn Adams - thanks for helping to get all set up. Thanks, too, for the early morning donuts and for helping Joe sell his plants. * To John Bates - thanks for having the idea for this event. Your desire to give away our bicycle helmets to those in our community became the basis for this fun day. And thanks for all the behindthe-scenes work you did to secure our location for the event and get the helmets moved there. Thanks, also, for distributing all those flyers. * To Charlie Bender - thanks for being there to help in any way including helping direct those patrons needing to park. * To Nancy Bernard - thanks for being one of our cashiers and handling our financial transactions. You and Bill did a great job! * To Diana Coffman - thanks for providing the transportation for Burt's grill and other items. And, thanks, for letting us use your tent, cooler and office facilities. Thanks, also, for picking up all our food items, including those delicious cookies. Finally, thanks for providing your Avon items and for doing all of this on your birthday! And thanks to Diana's husband, David, for his help with transporting the items. * To Carl Krouch - thanks for arriving early and helping us get all set up for the day. * To Jim Lee - thanks for handling our publicity and for updating our website so everyone visiting the site would know of our event. * To Bill Montgomery - thanks for being one of our cashiers and handling our financial transactions. * To Walt Pfeil - thanks for helping to fit the bicycle helmets and for spending time holding our signs along A1A. Thanks, too, for distributing our flyers. * To Paula Powell - thanks for being there to help with every aspect including fitting the bicycle helmets. * To Lal Ramdeen - thanks for being there to help get everything set up and helping to keep the plants standing during the gusts of wind. * To Butch Shadwell - thanks for distributing flyers in our community in the days leading up to the event. * To Burt Van Wagner's wife and daughter - thanks for helping with the cooking of those tasty hotdogs and hamburgers. * To the Key Club Members from Fletcher High - thanks for doing a great job holding our signs and waving to those driving by. Thanks, too, for helping to inflate all those balloons that decorated the parking lot. * To the Epilepsy Foundation - thanks for being there and helping to fit helmets. I know all those individuals who received a helmet are appreciative of the work you do! * To Sergeant Shackelford with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department - thanks for being there to provide bicycle safety tips to those who were fitted with helmets. * To our other Kiwanis club members - thanks for distributing flyers and providing financial support for this event. All your efforts are greatly appreciated. Our club members who helped with the event l to r: Burt Van Wagner, Charlie Bender, Jacksonville Beach Police Officer, Bill Montgomery, Diana Coffman, Sergeant Shackelford with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, Nancy Bernard and Lal Ramdeen Lal, Carl, Debbie, Walt, JuliAnn, John, Bill and Nancy relaxing before the event begins One of the recipients of a bike helmet enjoying his new gift CALENDAR JuliAnn and Joe working hard to sell his plants A resident of the community receiving a new helmet after being fitted by representatives of the Epilepsy Foundation. November 3 Thursday November 18 Friday December 1 Thursday December 1 Thursday January 5 February 2 March 11 - Finegan K Kids Club, 3:15-4:00pm Thanksgiving Dinner For Seniors, Jacksonville Beach Senior Center, 6pm Board Meeting, 11 am, Crab Cake Factory Florida Governor Eddie Lees Official Visit , Deerwood Club Hosting, 6pm No regular lunch meeting Thursday - Board Meeting, 11 am, Crab Cake Factory Thursday - Board Meeting, 11 am, Crab Cake Factory Sunday - Kiwanis Florida District Cruise, 5 Night Western Caribbean Greatness is measured by your gifts, not your possessions. Sergeant Shackelford with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department providing biking safety tips to those who received a helmet Author Unknown INVOCATION Key Club members waiving signs along A1A Carl, Paula and Walt getting ready for the day to start The plants that Joe donated to our fundraiser. Key Club members from Fletcher High School who helped with the event. Heavenly Father, Restore our faith in the ultimate triumph of the plan for the world You have made. When we make mistakes, help us to remember that You will not give up on us, and we should not give up on You. And now bless this food to our use and us to Your service. Amen

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