LA Civilization Research -

LA Civilization Research -

LA Civilization Research You will have to find evidence on your assigned civilization in multiple category's Religion Technology Government Economics Daily Life (include leisure as well) Make sure you also know the physical location of your civilization You will only be able to take information from physical books or from the databases in the library Once you complete your research you will be presenting it to your group members

LA Civilization Research You will be researching one of three LA civilizations Aztec, Inca, Maya You will have a series of questions to answer in order to complete your research (next slide) You will need to create a minimum 2 notecards per area you research You will need a minimum of 1 source card per area researched You will also need a works cited You will have laptop carts tomorrow and the library on Wednesday to complete this research You will be required to proved a minimum of two notecards per category in your research A total of at least 10 notecards The notecards can be either digital or actual notecards Jigsaw Questions 1. Explain your civilizations religion

Were they polytheistic or monotheistic? How important were the gods to their daily lives? What was their afterlife like? Any other important information you have about your civilizations afterlife. 2. Explain your civilizations technology Did they have a system of writing? Infrastructure? (Roads, architecture, etc) Travel? 3. Explain what kind of government your civilization had? Were they a theocracy? If so explain their societal make up, if not explain what they were. 4. Explain the economic systems your civilization had? What was their currency? Did they have a complex system of trade?

How big was their trading network? 5. Explain your civilizations daily life? Society, leisure, art, etc. LA Civilization Research The purpose of this assignment is to practice your research and practice notecards The other function of this research is to practice jigsawing, and working in groups with people you dont typically work with Questions? The assignment will be worth 35 points 2 points per notecard (total 20) 2 points per source card (total 10) 5 points for works cited 35 total points

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