Dr. Mars, Principal Welcome Class of 2020! Junior College Night Part II Agenda: Introductions Overview of Junior College Night Part I What Are Colleges Looking For? Types of Admission College Timeline

Resources FAQs Overview of Junior College Night Part I: Student Driven Ownership Naviance Factors to Consider Junior Fall/Spring Checklist Standardized Testing What Colleges Are Looking For:

Class Rigor GPA Testing Essay Extracurricular/Leadership

Community Service/Work Experience/Internship/Clubs Awards/Honors Recommendations Teachers, Counselor, Personal Portfolio Demonstrated Interest Types of Colleges and Universities: SUNY/CUNY/Private/International Community College Conservatory/Arts

Types of Admission: Restrictive Admission: Early Decision Non-Restrictive Admission: Early Action Regular Decision Rolling Admission Testing and Admissions: Entrance Examinations:

ACT SAT SAT Subject Tests Placement Examinations: AP Test Optional: Submitting Standardized Test Scores:

How Do I Apply: Naviance: List Schools Common Application CUNY/SUNY Portal Directly Through the Institution Coalition College Timeline: Fall: Take the PSAT/SAT/ACT

Research Colleges Visit Spring:

Take SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests/APs Begin Developing a College List Scholarship Research Course Planning Letters of Recommendation and Raves College Meeting with Your Counselor Draft Your College Essay Financial Planning Financial Planning:

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid Grants, Loans, Work Study, Scholarships Opens October 1st CSS Profile (College Scholarship Service): Required by many private colleges and universities for non-government aid Institution Grants, Loans, Scholarships $25.00 Fee, $16.00 Fee Per School Scholarship Search: Resources (School Naviance Login Portal) (Testing Agency) (National Association for College Admission Counseling) (Free/Reduced Lunch) Q&A

Q&A Norms Q&A Session

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