Language, Dialect and Accent

Language, Dialect and Accent

Language, Dialect and Accent Nature of a language The linguist makes no value judgment. S/he LANGUAG recognizes and accepts theEexistence of language varieties. School traditions emphasize a single correct standard form. Regional dialects DIALECT Social dialects Linguistics acknowledges that a certain dialect may St Br English,

or St Am English be treated as a standard form Sociolects Or is treated as PRESTIGIOUS by some members of society. Queens English Oxford Accent Linguists in recent decades have become more interested in the language of the people who (by a rigid conception of a St. Language) do not talk properly: language of small children and foreigners. The language of children has therefore a linguistic interest quite apart from its psychological interest as the development of speech in infancy. The mixed languages of former colonies (Jamaican

Creole or Haitian Creole) have been studied with the same interest as can be studied Fr or Eng. Language and Dialect Both terms are often used interchangeably. Principle of mutual intelligibility differentiates between them. In most cases, the2 varieties use ofisone orareanother depends A language a dialect Any which If bases, they arebut mutually

NOT on linguistic rather ontosocio-political with a navy and antaken army. Hindi mutually intelligible are Urdu factors. UNintelligible , then they are constitute two dialects

of the Weinreich, 1945:13. separate languages. same language. Language varieties are often called dialects rather than languages Solely because they are not (or not recognized as) literary languages DialectInthe Subordinate term Arab world Because the speakers of the given language do not

have a state of their own Language ARABIC Because they are not used in press or Language SuperA., ordinate termA., literature, or very little, Dialect Algerian Moroccan

Syrian A., etc. Or because their language lacks prestige. Anthropological linguists define dialect as the specific form of a language used by a speech community. No one speaks a language ; everyone Speech community is a concept in speaks a dialect of a language sociolinguistics that describes a more or discrete group aofparticular people who dailect use Thoseless who

identify as language in a unique and mutually accepted the standard or proper version of a way among themselves. language, are in fact using these terms TO EXPRESS A SOCIAL DISTINCTION Dialect is also the term used to describe differences in speech that are associated with different regions or different social groups or classes.

As we move around a speech community, we find variation in the speech of its members that is associated with their place of living or their social grouping. Accent Differences in pronunciation between varieties Oxford accent: certain phonological characteristics particular to English spoken in that town. Term is used also to refer to some foreign non native features in the speech of a person (foreigner) You speak English with an accent Regional dialects Am Eng

Br Eng Pronunciati /ka:r/ on Pronunciati on /ka:/ Lexis gas Lexis petrol

Morphology Morphology I dont have Syntaxa book I Syntax havent a book dove dived

Dialect continuum Linguistic variable As a basic tool for distinguishing social variation It is a linguistic item which has at least variant forms the choice of which depends on other (non linguistic ) factors such as age, social status and situation. /j/ -> /dz/, //, /g/, /y/ /q/ -> /q/, /g/, /k/, // SHUKRAN WA ILA ALIQAA

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