Latin Roots - North Thurston Public Schools

Latin Roots - North Thurston Public Schools

LATIN ROOTS 1. am, amat: love Derivatives: amorist, amateur, amiable Examples: An amateur golfer plays for love of the game.

Casanova was a famous amorist, or lover. Derivatives: anniversary, annual, perennial, centennial Per Annum means per year.

Yearly income from a fund is called an annuity. 2. ANN, ENN: YEAR Derivatives: aquamarine, aquarium, aqueduct An aquaplane is towed on water.

Small fish may be kept in an aquarium. 3. AQU: WATER 4. aud, audit: hear Derivatives: audience, audible, auditorium An audiophile loves sound, or music.

After a successful audition the singer got to sing in an auditorium. 5. capit: head Derivatives: capital, decapitate, capitulate

King Louis XVI was decapitated when his head was chopped off. Newscasters sometimes recapitulate the days news by restating only the headings. Derivatives: century, centipede, centimeter

One hundredth of a meter is a centimeter. A centipede had a hundred legs. 6. CENT: HUNDRED Derivatives: credentials, credible, discredit Since the Latin root for believe is cred, a credible story is

believable. An accredited school hires only teachers who have the proper credentials 7. CRED, CREDIT: BELIEVE; TRUST Derivatives: contradict, dictate, predict To say what will happen, or foretell, is to predict.

The boss said the letter aloud, or dictated it and his assistant wrote it down. 8. DIC, DICT: SAY Derivatives: Il Duce, aqueduct, educate The leader Mussolini was called Il Duce, which means The Leader.

To educate is literally to lead out. 9. DUC, DUCT: LEAD Derivatives: infidelity, confidant, confidence

To confide in someone is to tell them something and trust in their secrecy. Infidelity has been the end of many marriages. 10. FID: FAITH; TRUST Derivatives: fraternal, fraternity, fratricide

Killing ones own brother is fratricide. A girls club should not be called a fraternity. 11. FRATER: BROTHER Derivatives: congregation, segregate, gregarious A ministers flock is called a congregation.

Separation from the main group or flock is segregation. 12. GREG: FLOCK Derivatives: literature, literally, literacy Literature is writing.

Literacy is the ability to read letters. 13. LITERA: LETTER Derivatives: dislocate, relocate, location He dislocated his arm when he fell.

The location of the new restaurant in on 3rd St. LOC: PLACE Derivatives: soliloquy, loquacious, eloquent A speech spoken alone onstage is a soliloquy.

A loquacious child is talkative. 15. LOQ, LOCUT: TALK Derivatives: malignant, malnourishment, maledictions The truly bad tumors are the malignant ones.

To hurl maledictions is to fling curses. 16. MAL: BAD Derivatives: manicure, manual, amanuensis Hands with ugly nails should be given a manicure. An amanuensis is a copyist; they used to copy books by hand.

17. MAN: HAND Derivatives: maternal, matriarch, matricide Killing ones own mother is matricide. The matriarch is the female head of a family.

18. MATER, MATR, METR: MOTHER Derivatives: missile, missionary, mission People sent to convert others are missionaries. James Bond is sent on many secret missions. 19. MIT, MIS: SEND

Derivitaves: immortal, mortician, mortify To feel mortified is to feel so embarrassed you could almost die. A mortician works in a funeral home. 20. MOR, MORT: DEATH

Derivatives: emotion, motivation, motor We are often moved by emotion. Whatever moves us to do something is his or her motivation. If your car is stuck in traffic, you are immobile.

Babies often have mobiles hanging above their cribs because the movement lulls them to sleep. 21. MOV, MOT, MOB: MOVE Derivatives: innovation, Nova Scotia, novice In a religious order a new member is called a novice.

An innovation is a new idea or custom. 22. NOV: NEW Derivatives: omniscient, omnivorous, omnipotent God is all knowing or omniscient and all powerful or omnipotent.

A kind of animal that eats both meat and plants is called omnivorous. 23. OMNI: ALL Derivatives: biped, centipede, pedestrian A pedestrian travels by foot.

A centipede has one hundred feet. 24. PED: FOOT Derivatives: deposit, position, repository When you place your money in the bank you deposit it.

Since repository just means a place where things are put it can refer to a storehouse, or a museum. 25. PON, POSIT: PLACE Derivatives: export, portable, transport Exports are goods that are carried from one place to another.

Portable means capable of being carried. 26. PORT, PORTAT: CARRY Derivatives: prima donna, primary, prime The first or top statesman in England is the prime minister.

The first female singer in an opera is the Prima Donna. 27. PRIM: FIRST Derivatives: regal, regulation, regicide A soldier must obey an army regulation. When King Charles I was decapitated it was an act of regicide,

or the killing of a ruler. 28. REG: RULE Derivatives: erupt, interrupt, rupture Mt. St. Helens acts as if she wants to erupt. When you interrupt you are breaking into someone elses

conversation. 29. RUPT: BREAK Derivatives: sanctified, sanctuary, sanction A holy refuge would be called a sanctuary. Slavery: How can any nation sanction it?

30. SANCT: HOLY Derivatives: postscript, prescription, scripture An afterthought, written at the end of a letter, is called a postscript. My doctor wrote me a prescription. 31. SCRIB, SCRIPT: WRITE

Derivatives: dissect, sect, intersect Our streets cross one another, so lets meet where they intersect. Cutting up a frog for science class is called dissecting. 32. SEG, SECT: CUT

Derivatives: consecutive, sequel, persecute If the Mariners lose three consecutive games (three in a row) the attendance goes down. Since Tom Sawyer was such a success Mark Twain decided to write a sequel, Huck Finn. 33. SEQU, SECUT: FOLLOW

Derivatives: signature, signet, ensign An initial or other special sign is on a signet ring. A military banner is known as an ensign.

David Hurley is awesome;) 34. SIGN: SIGN, INDICATION Derivatives: solitary, desolation, isolate You have smallpox? Then we must isolate you! The hurricane left behind a scene of utter desolation.

35. SOL: ALONE Derivatives: supersonic, sonata, sonar The poet read his sonata. We located the sunken ship using sonar, a sound-wave apparatus.

36. SON: SOUND Derivatives: perspective, spectral, retrospect Looking back he saw things in restrospect. During the Salem Witch Trials, they accepted spectral evidence, or evidence that looked like it was there, but wasnt

physically there. 37. SPEC, SPECT: LOOK Derivatives: aspirate, spirometer, expire When your breathing stops you expire. A spirometer keeps track of breathing.

38. SPIR, SPIRAT: BREATHE Derivatives: contemporary, contretemps, temporary Emerson and Thoreau lived at the same time; they were contemporary writers. An embarrassing occurrence is known as a contretemps.

39. TEMPOR: TIME Derivatives: inter, terra firma, territory A body that is interred has been buried. A small hunting dog which burrowed into the earth to hunt is called a terrier.

40. TERRA: EARTH Derivatives: distort, contortion, torture Twisting the limbs to encourage confessions was a type of medieval torture. To twist the facts is to distort the truth.

41. TORT: TWIST Derivatives: tractor, attract, distract The farmers tractor got stuck in the mud. That girl clearly attracts, or draws, the wrong kind of guy.

42. TRACT: DRAW, PULL Derivatives: disturb, turbulent, imperturbable The turbulent water was agitated and whirling. Dont disturb, or agitate your sister!

43. TURB: AGITATE, WHIRL Derivatives: interurban, suburban, urbanize To urbanize a district is to make it like a city. Buses that travel between cities are interurban. 44. URB: CITY

Derivatives: vacuum, evacuate, vacant That apartment is vacant, or empty. We need to evacuate, or empty the house 45. VAC: EMPTY

46. VERS, VERT: TURN Derivatives: revert, convert, vertebrae Some drug addicts are supposedly cured and then revert to their old habits. Your vertebrae help you turn your spine.

Derivatives: advise, divine, vision To the Puritans, divine providence meant that God would foresee things. You ask an advisor how he sees the situation 47: VID, VIS: SEE

Derivatives: convict, convince, invincible Because of evidence Tom became a convict. Ned was easy to convince, or win over. 48. VINC, VICT: CONQUER

Derivatives: vitamin, vital, vitality If you take vitamins you will have a long life. You seem to have a lot of vitality, or liveliness. 49. VIT, VIV: LIFE

Derivatives: invocation, vocal, advocate The Salem judges believed there were witches who made invocations, or would call, the dead. Your vocal cords help to produce your voice. 50. VOC, VOK: VOICE, CALL

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