Le Roy-Ostrander Public School

Le Roy-Ostrander Public School

Le Roy-Ostrander Public School Facilities Task Force Recommendations Overview Problem Statement: Lack of effective and efficient educational space, compounded by the lack of a plan for current and future needs. Goal Statement: To create a comprehensive facility plan, supported by community stakeholders, which provide an effective learning environment for current and future needs.

Overview What was needed to gain community support? Communities perspective Plan for growth Related tax impact Collaboration and Communication Why was the Facilities Task Force started? 2016 bond referendum 2016 levy Facilities Task Force

Open Community Forum Determinations SWOT Analysis 15-20 year plan Meetings 15 Facilities Task Force meetings over 5 months Facilitator Gary Kuphal Community volunteers 25 members Resources The Facilities Task Force met or spoke with the following companies/people:

Braun Intertec Custom Alarm Dunham Associates Eagle Ridge Tactical Consulting, L.L.C. G. A. Ernst & Associates, Inc. Le Roy Lumber Yard

MEP Associates Predictive Technologies, Inc. Rochester Public Utilities Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) UNESCO Winona Heating and

Ventilating Tim Bly Aaron Hungerholt Deb Reburn Facilities Task Force Members Facilitator: Gary Kuphal Dan Lowe

Teresa Frazer Jennifer Gumbel Kevin Janssen Brad Johnson Dave Kasel Steve Kasel Angie Kennedy Justin Kennedy Lynda Koch Damon Lazzara Tim Lewison Dan Lohuis

Dave Lunning Gene Miller Richard Nagele Carolyn Nagele Kate Rohrer Jill Soltau

Leonard Soltau Tom Soltau DJ Start Britt Wehrenberg Wendy Vikre Mike Welsh HVAC System Indoor Air Quality Braun Intertec Mechanical Equipment Assessment Predictive Technologies, Inc. Mechanical Reliability Study Mechanical Integrity Steam Piping Thickness Testing

Building Envelope Infrared Study Energy Efficiency Evaluation G.A. Ernst & Associates, Inc. HVAC Recommendations 1) Contract with a company like Predictive Technologies, Inc., Winona Heating and Ventilating to: a) Develop and create a maintenance and documentation plan b) Assist and train our custodial/maintenance staff with a daily/weekly/ monthly maintenance schedule and proper documentation c) Monitor and help maintain the mechanical system d) Train our staff on the Building Automated Control System (BAS) 2)

Recommission/calibrate the current system 3) Improve ventilation in the temporary elementary classrooms by adding exhaust vents/fans, fresh air intake, and dual zone temperature control and correct any mold issues that may exist HVAC Recommendations 4) Reclaim/Recommission vents and exhaust fans that have been covered up with the steel roof to bring the building back to "design" to balance stale air exhaust with fresh air ventilation, starting with elementary, high school, common areas, and then other remaining areas

5) Get all areas of the building connected to the BAS for energy efficiency and ease of control a) Currently approximately 75% of the building is connected to the BAS b) Connect the remaining 25% to the BAS wirelessly or whatever is most cost effective for the area 6) Future consideration: As roof top units fail, consider replacing them with units that would include air conditioning. Safety and Security Security Assessments Custom Alarm

Eagle Ridge Tactical Consulting, L.L.C. Security Recommendations 1) Secure and remodel front entrance a) 3rd set of secure doors placed past the trophy cases with buzzer system in administrative offices b) Waiting area created in secured area between 2nd and 3rd set of doors 1) All parents/visitors to remain in waiting area after checking in at the office until child or staff member is able to meet them there 2) Secure all remaining entrances with alarms and cameras 3)

Consider consulting companies like Custom Alarm, Ban-Koe, Eagle Ridge Tactical Consulting, L.L.C., or other similar companies Safety Recommendations 1) Consider switching faculty and student parking lots for additional student safety by not crossing County Road 14 2) Remove the housing structure on the West property 3) Add driveway around back of school for safe bus dropoff and additional parking a) Create an additional parking lot on the West property

b) Driveway should be a one-way with buses entering from Highway 56 and exiting on County Road 14 Example: School Readiness Programs and Educational Classrooms/Space School Readiness Programs Deb Reburn, School Readiness Coordinator/Teacher Educational Classrooms/Space Aaron Hungerholt, School Principal School Readiness Programs

and Educational Classrooms/ Space Recommendations 1. Develop a plan to replace existing temporary two classroom structure on the North end of the elementary with a permanent structure of three to four classrooms within five years Additional Considerations Energy Efficiency Evaluation G.A. Ernst & Associates, Inc. School Operated Daycare Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF)

Pool Tour Observations Additional Recommendations 1) Energy/cost savings: a) Lighting LED bulb replacement plan as bulbs burn out b) Submit for tax exemption status through Minnesota Energy Resources c) Submit for refund of sales tax up to 3 years retroactive from MN Dept of Revenue d) Submit for additional rebates per G. A. Ernst & Associates, Inc. report

through Minnesota Energy Resources and Freeborn Mower Cooperative Services, if applicable Additional Recommendations 2) Continuous improvement of building and grounds appearance: a) Tuck pointing of exterior b) Create an appearance improvement plan 1. Create a rotating appearance improvement plan a. Tile/paint/flooring/fixtures 2. Exterior - annually a. Mold removal off brick pressure washing b. Landscaping manicured and trimmed 3. Interior - annually a. Deep cleaning of all areas

c) Restrooms 1. Visitor restrooms on main level off commons remodel/update 2. Continued maintenance/replace fixtures on all restrooms as needed Items not supported by the Facilities Task Force Group School operated daycare facility (Ages 0-3) No additional square footage added for new administrative offices Full replacement of the HVAC system

Summary The process began with a community forum identifying the school district's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) along with a 15-20 year viability plan. The Facilities Task Force utilized the information from the SWOT analysis, along with the additional information gathered during the process, to help develop their recommendations relating to facilities and suggests that the school board utilize this information to develop a long range strategic plan. While the Facilities Task Force does not have actual costs, we have reason to believe that these recommendations would cost considerably less than that of the proposed levy and bond referendum voted on in November 2016.

While some of the Facilities Task Force recommendations may require a bond referendum, the timing and scope of the referendum will be left up to the school board. The Facilities Task Force would like to thank the school board for the opportunity to have community involvement and allowing us the time, space, and funds to complete a thorough due diligence on behalf of the community for the future of the school. Questions

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