Lecture 1- Introduction

Lecture 1- Introduction

Prototyping Sampath Jayarathna Cal Poly Pomona Credit for some of the slides in this lecture goes to www.id-book.com Prototyping What is a prototype? Different kinds of prototyping - Low fidelity - High fidelity

Compromises in prototyping - Vertical - Horizontal Final product needs to be engineered 2

What is a prototype? In other design fields a prototype is a small-scale model: a miniature car a miniature building or town the examples here come from a 3D printer 3

What is a prototype? In interaction design it can be (among other things): a series of screen sketches a storyboard, i.e. a cartoon-like series of scenes a Powerpoint slide show a video simulating the use of a system a lump of wood (e.g. PalmPilot) a cardboard mock-up a piece of software with limited functionality written in the target language or in another language

4 Low-fidelity Prototyping Uses a medium which is unlike the final medium, e.g. paper, cardboard Is quick, cheap and easily changed Examples:

sketches of screens, task sequences, etc post-it notes storyboards Wizard-of-Oz 5 Storyboards Often used with scenarios, bringing more detail, and a chance to role play

It is a series of sketches showing how a user might progress through a task using the device Used early in design 6 Generate storyboard from scenario Sketching Sketching is important to lowfidelity

prototyping Dont be inhibited about drawing ability. Practice simple symbols Card-based prototypes Index cards (3 X 5 inches) Each card represents one screen or part of screen Often used in website

development Wizard-of-Oz prototyping The user thinks they are interacting with a computer, but a developer is responding to output rather than the system. Usually done early in design to understand users expectations Ex: Aardvark startup User >Blurb blurb

>Do this >Why? 10 High-fidelity prototyping Uses materials that you would expect to be in the final product Prototype looks more like the final system than a lowfidelity version High-fidelity prototypes can be developed by integrating existing hardware and software components

Danger that users think they have a complete system.see compromises 11 Low Vs High Fidelity prototypes 12 Compromises in prototyping

All prototypes involve compromises For software-based prototyping maybe there is a slow response? sketchy icons? limited functionality? Two common types of compromise horizontal: provide a wide range of functions, but with little

detail vertical: provide a lot of detail for only a few functions Compromises in prototypes mustn't be ignored. Product needs engineering 13 Is there a suitable metaphor?

Interface metaphors combine familiar knowledge with new knowledge in a way that will help the user understand the product. Conceptualizing what we are doing, e.g. surfing the web A conceptual model instantiated at the interface, e.g. the desktop metaphor Visualizing an operation, e.g. an icon of a shopping cart for placing items into 14

Explore the users experience (UX) Use personas, card-based prototypes or stickies to model the user experience Visual representation called: design map customer/user journey map experience map Two common representations wheel timeline

Generate card-based prototype from use case An experience map drawn as a wheel An experience map drawn as a timeline GUI Prototyping Tools Pencil Project :

http://pencil.evolus.vn/ supports Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. A Firefox add-on is also available Free Smartdraw https://www.smartdraw.com/ $200

19 Construction: physical computing Build and code prototypes using electronics Toolkits available include Arduino Senseboard MaKey MaKey Software Development Kits

programming tools and components to develop for a specific platform, e.g. iOS Includes: IDE, documentation, drivers, sample code, application programming interfaces (APIs) Makes development much easier Microsofts Kinect SDK has been used in research Designed for use by wide range of people

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