Lecture 4 - University of Colorado Boulder | University of ...

Lecture 4 - University of Colorado Boulder | University of ...

Foundations of Network and Computer Security John Black CSCI 6268/TLEN 5550, Spring 2013 Session-Based Attacks HTTP is connectionless But many/most apps want to maintain state Using IP addresses is an imperfect solution Why?

Cookies were invented to solve exactly this problem Using Cookies for Session Management The server wants to maintain information about the current client Encode state into an alphanumeric string Use Set-cookie=string and send to browser Optionally set expires, domain, path, secure, httponly

values as well Now each time the browser wishes to connect to a given domain and path, it checks its cookie store and transmits all matching cookies Using Cookies for Session Management They are essentially a temporary password Difficult to guess, not short enough to brute-force, unique

These are often violated by using insufficient randomness, being too short, using counters, etc Many apps that lock-out password attempts fail to guard against brute force attacks on session ids So short session ids are very vulnerable Demo stateful.php on moxie Bad Random Number Generators

Netscape Session Keys 1996 RNG_CreateContext() /* time since Jan 1, 1970 */ (seconds, microseconds) = time of day; pid = process ID; ppid = parent process ID; a = mklcpr(microseconds);

b = mklcpr(pid + seconds + (ppid << 12)); seed = MD5(a, b); mklcpr(x) /* not cryptographically significant */ return ((0xDEECE66D * x + 0x2BBB62DC) >> 1); Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) XSS is a very common vulnerability Would be vulnerability of the decade except

SQL injections are often far more serious XSS is used for a client to attack another client, not to attack a server An XSS vulnerability is as simple as echoing back user-input without sanitizing Ex: You submit: XYZ!!(2 to a search engine and it replies with XYZ!!(2 no results found Security Context We define a security context to be the set

of rules that govern how cookies are handled between domains Users might have several contexts active at the same time Ex: An unexpired session token with a bank sitting in another browser window (logout or browser death usually purges these tokens, but users will often neglect to do either) XSS The idea of XSS is for an attacker to inject

malicious javascript into a security context that it does not own And, as we know, this means things like session tokens can be sent anywhere we like user connects to evil site javascript executes as if from bank; tokens stolen malicious javascript

reflected back to user with banks security context Link to bank with malicious javascript given as parameter Typically called reflected XSS Demo on moxie

Visit stateful.php to establish highly valuable session ID View xss.php behavior Look at ~drevil on moxie Note the warm innocent feel of the page View source on this page (note the encodings) Examine steal.php Click on link on drevils homepage Look in /tmp/stolen.txt

Stored XSS Stored XSS is very similar Instead of using a reflection bug, the attacker stores javascript in a place where the victim is likely to read it (and thereby execute it) Its usually the servers responsibility to sanitize user input before storing it Consider a public forum where various users post their thoughts And their exploit code

Stored XSS is usually considered more serious No need to induce the user to establish a session then visit drevils site, which can be hard some times Note proper domain name SSL would be enabled, if this were an SSL site

Samy XSS worm Oct, 2005: myspace had an XSS vulnerability They used in every user-input vector and monitor for appearance of this string from the site If string comes back unmodified, jackpot This is automatable

Some XSS vulns will not be found by this technique, however, since

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