Lesson 29 Day 1 - Etowah County Schools

Lesson 29 Day 1 - Etowah County Schools

Lesson 29 Day 4 The Planets By Gail Gibbons Question of the Day What questions do you have about outer space? What would you like to know about outer space? T338

Todays Read Aloud What might the purpose be for reading or listening to a selection called Whats New on Jupiter story? for information to practice reading fluently Today, in addition to enjoying the story, you will listen and follow along to gain information. T339 R201

How is Oval BA similar to the Great Spot? How is Oval BA different from the Great Red Spot? Do you think Jupiter will eventually have other red spots? Why or Why not? T338 Phonics and Spelling A prefix is a word part added to the beginning of a root word. overdue over means more than or above

The word overdue has the letter combination ue. Remember that the letters oo, ew, ue, and ui stand for the sound /oo/ . T340 overpaid overdue overhead overflowed overnight overcast overboard overbaked

oversalted overslept Phonics and Spelling Match the prefix that goes with the word. bi flow over stop non plane biplane overflow nonstop bi means two, twice or every two over means more than one or above non means not or without

Define each word using the prefix and the words. biplane- a plane with two wings overflow- to flow above what is needed nonstop- without stopping T341 Fluency Reading with Intonation Good readers should: Identify meaning and look for punctuation. Read clearly, making their voices rise and fall. Read with expression.

Turn to page 401 and listen as I read and you echo read. Now lets Choral read this page. Turn to your partner and read page 401 using intonation. T342 l l i k S s u

Foc Make Predictions How do good readers make predictions? Good readers make predictions about what they already know. Good reader ask questions about what they want to learn from their reading. T343 T343 Transparency R195

u c o F l l i k sS Make Predictions

What do you already know about people who like to look for the stars and planets? They spend a lot of time stargazing. They study the planets. They use telescopes to learn more about space. They become astronauts. The first paragraph says that the only thing Toby thinks about is taking a trip in space. Do you think some day he will be able to do this? Why or why not? Yes, because he is so interested in it that he will be an astronaut. No, because few people get to do this. Write in you journal another possible ending for this story.

Use what you already know and make a predictions to help you. T343 Follow Directions Following directions are ordered steps that tell how to do something. Tips for following directions: Gather all the materials that you will need. Read the directions all the way through and try to picture each step in your mind. Pay attention to time order words or numbered steps to make sure you follow the steps in order.

T 344 Follow Directions Directions may be written in several different ways. Sometimes directions include time-order works, such as first, next, and finally. Directions may also be written as short, numbered steps. Look at the following directions and read them with me. 1. Choose your favorite bread 2. Spread butter or mustard on one slice of the bread. 3. Put two slices of cheese on the bread 4. Add lettuce or sliced tomato. 5. Put another slice of bread on top.

What are the directions telling us to make? A cheese sandwich T 344 Speaking and Listening Organizing Content Create a visual aid that shows both planets. Be sure to make the differences between the planets stand out for the class. For the rest of the presentation, write each difference between the planets on a separate note card or slip of paper.

T345 rotate Something that rotates spins like a top. The word is rotate What is the word? rotate When your body rotates over and over, what happens? What does the sun rotates

east to west mean? T304 steady A light that is steady always looks the same and does not change or go out. The word is steady What is the word? steady Why do carpenters need to have steady hands?

What happens because solar winds are not steady? reflects When something reflects light, the light bounces off the surface instead of passing through it. The word is reflects What is the word?

reflects When you look in a mirror, what usually reflects back at you? surface The surface of something is the to part of it. The word is surface What is the word? surface What does the surface of

your desk feel like? Why would a person weigh more on the suns surface than on Earth? evidence Evidence is proof that something has happened. The word is evidence What is the word? evidence What evidence is there

that you did your homework last night? How are scientists collecting evidence about the northern lights? appear How something appears is the way it looks or seems to be. The word is appear What is the word?

appear If the sky appears gray, what might happen later? What exciting thing appears in the sky near the North Pole? infinite Outer space is so large, that its size could be called infinite. When there is so much of something that it cannot be measured, it is infinite.

The word is infinite What is the word? infinite What could be infinite, love for a dog or a block of wood? expansive Voyager II has given scientists an expansive view of Neptune. Something that is expansive covers a very large area.

The word is expansive What is the word? expansive What could be described as expansive, a palace or a log cabin? Voyager II Grammar Capitalization and punctuation rules: Every sentence begins with a capital letter. So does every word in a

proper noun. Commas are used to set apart words in a series. They also are used in dates and addresses and before a word that joins two simple sentences in a compound sentence. The first word and all important words in the titles of books, magazines, and newspapers begin with a capital letter. Those titles are underlined. The titles of nonfiction selections, stories, and poems are capitalized the same way. They use quotation marks, however. Grammar Correct the following sentences in you journal. 1. i predict that I will be able to travel to mars jupiter and saturn by september 28 2022.

I predict that I will be able to travel to Mars Jupiter and Saturn by September 28, 2022. 2. i finished reading the science book of space and i hope to read a story called having fun in space. I finished reading The Science Book of Space and I hope to read a story called Having Fun in Space. Writing Paragraph That Contrasts Identifies two things being contrasted States the main idea

Includes a topic sentence Uses examples and details to support and explain the topic Uses transition words such as but, on the other hand, and however to show contrasts Use different types of sentences and sentences with different lengths. T337

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