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LIMUN Masterclass WHAT IS CHAIRING TA H M I D C H O W D H U RY What is a Chair? A person who is in charge of a meeting or an organization In MUN, the key things that a chair must do are the following: - Enforce the Rules of Procedure

- Manage speaking time and time of the committee - (At Conferences) Read/write Study Guide Materials - Decide on awards for best delegates Usually chairs work in teams of two and three, so strong collaboration and team skills are key What should a Chair be? The guiding figure of the committee

- Impartiality is key: deciding awards are always contentious and often it is easy to -Be fair: try and give as much equal speaking time as possible. - For beginners, guiding delegates through a debate - Explaining the Rules of Procedure - Explain the topic and clarify points of contention (whilst not leading debates to their own opinion on the matter) -Adaptability to situations: stricter for more experienced debaters, more lenient to newcomers

How to excel as a C hair - Be aware of what your delegates are doing as much as possible keep a track of who is writing resolutions: excellence in MUN is not just making big speeches: some delegates excel at writing rather than speaking! - Know the technicalities of the whole Rules of Procedure delegates can ask awkward questions about different points: it can be embarrassing to get caught out! - Understand the flow of the committee: when is it appropriate for a moderated caucus and

unmoderated caucus? More generally, do delegates need a break, time to write resolutions (unmod caucus) or need time for debating points (general debates / mod debates) - Help delegates write resolutions: formatting, writing clauses in a way that will get agreement with more people How to excel as a C hair - Be approachable! - Dont afraid to be creative introductions at beginning of the committee, funny awards.

Remember, your performance is what decides whether delegates will enjoy the conference or not! - Make the most of technology conference software such as wxmun and Chairing styles - Important to find your own style laid-back - approachable and can build good rapport with delegates but often easy to question/can be seen as quite casual

Authoritarian Can get delegates to work hard, however can be seen as quite scary and put delegates off speaking In reality, a mix of different styles adapted to your own committee is the best way to get the most out of your delegates Starting chairing - Try chairing in a session at school before attending a conference

- Get support from a more experienced MUNer or teacher supporting you with knowledge of Rules of Procedure / Topic. Use your experience and knowledge of RoP as a delegate - Pass on your knowledge! Questions

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