Lincoln-Douglasdebate debate provides provides excellent excellent training trainingfor for development development of of skills skillsin in argumentation,

argumentation, persuasion, persuasion,research, research,and and audience audienceanalysis. analysis. Through Through this this contest, contest, students studentsare

areencouraged encouragedto to develop develop aa direct direct and andcommunicative communicativestyle style of of oral oral delivery.

delivery. BRIEF DEFINITION Lincoln-Douglas debate is a oneon-one argumentation in which debaters attempt to convince the judge of the acceptability of their side of a proposition. One debater shall argue the affirmative side of the resolution, and one debater shall argue the negative side of the resolution in a given round.

FORMAT AND TIME LIMITATIONS 1st Affirmative Constructive, six minutes Cross-examination by negative, three minutes 1st Negative Constructive, seven minutes Cross-examination by affirmative, three minutes Rebuttals 1st Affirmative Rebuttal, four minutes Negative Rebuttal, six minutes 2nd Affirmative Rebuttal, three minutes

Preparation Time A maximum of three minutes of preparation time per debater is allowed during the debate. Remember you can also prep during your opponents time. You dont have to just sit there. You will learn to use your time wisely. DELIVERY

Communication with the audience is to be considered a high priority for UIL debaters. Oral delivery in LincolnDouglas debate is to be communicative and persuasive. EVIDENCE

Supporting evidence adds to the persuasiveness of the reasoning and argumentation of the debate. WHENEVER A DEBATER QUOTES AT ANY LENGTH THE WORDS OF ANOTHER, THE FACT MUST BE PLAINLY STATED. There must be full source citation even if not orally delivered. Required Documentation Oral Requirements. Where a quotation is

ascribed to a particular individual(s), the name of the author(s), a reference to the qualifications of the author(s) (e.g., professional title or level or expertise in the subject area), and the date of the publication are required. CONTINUED DOCUMENTATION Where the quotation is from an institutional source, (e.g., studies by research organizations,

reference books, journalistic sources) the name of publication and date are adequate. If the material is quoted more than once in a round, subsequent uses maybe presented with abbreviated citation. Written Requirements All participants submitting evidence in competition shall have it available in written form. This written form must display full bibliographic source citation, even if the full citation is not orally

delivered. Full citation Authors name, authors qualifications, complete source information, (titles of

books, journals, articles, etc.) complete date, and page number. Evidence from an internet source should include the following elements: an acknowledgment that the material was electronically retrieved, name of online source, the date of access and the URL site. Internal Ellipses.

Ellipses may be used in evidence only if the original source or a Xerox copy is present. The evidence may be read in the ellipse form, but the entirety of the evidence must be available. (Note: Ellipses are deletions after the first word of the quotation and before the final word; they are the....s. CROSS-EXAMINATION PERIOD. During the questioning period, both opponents face the judge. The questioner shall control the

use of time during the period and shall only ask questions. Questioners may not comment on the answers or make any statements of their own views during the cross-examination period. PURPOSE OF CX PERIOD 1) ask for information to gain clarification and understanding; (2) set up strategies to use in developing further argumentation; and

(3) discover fallacies or inconsistencies in opponent's argumentation. NEVER BE RUDE Whether in cx or in a speech, never be rude during a Aggressive, assertive, tenacious....yes

Debates are Public..but Only the judge and debaters may take notes. Debaters competing may not watch. Sharing of notes after a round is not allowed. No scouting. Conduct During the Round Audience members may be excluded only for disorderly

conduct that distracts contestants, lack of seating, or violations of UIL/TFA/NFL rules. LD debate will give you the opportunity to explore your beliefs, values, and intelligence. Remember you didnt start out runningyou crawled, toddled, and walked first. You will get out of debate exactly what you are willing to put into it.

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