Little Heaven Employment Center

Little Heaven Employment Center

Master Plan Working Groups 12-10-18 LITTLE HEAVEN EMPLOYMENT CENTER SOUTH FREDERICA COMMERCIAL AREA Survey Trends Concerns: Employment Opportunities Economic Development

Traffic Congestion Sprawl Priorities: Business District Revitalization Business Retention & Expansion Refurbish Older Buildings Farmland & Open Space Preservation Improve Traffic

Flow Community Service Needs: Homeless Shelters/Transitional Housing Public Health & Wellness Shared Use Paths Parks & Recreation within Walking & Biking Distance Housing Needs: Mixed Use Communities Low & Moderate Income Walkable/Bikable Communities What is the most important issue currently facing Kent County?

8.87% Traffic congestion 21.91% Agricultural preservation 6.26% 8.17% Environmental protection/preservation of open space Creation of local jobs 16.52% Reduction of sprawl type development/ growth management 38.26%

Revitalization of existing communities Which one of the following growth policies do you support? Continue the development pattern that permits individual, random residential developments 9.49% 34.55% 23.36% Focus new development into a pattern of communities/small towns that have a core, a variety of housing types, retail and recreation Develop or redevelop areas around and within city boundaries first, before development is allowed in peripheral areas

32.60% Protect the agricultural and rural character of the County 2018 Comprehensive Plan Priorities To preserve the rural and community character of Kent County by encouraging the most appropriate use of land, water, and other resources that protects the County's natural, historic, and cultural resources, allows for economic opportunity, preserves farmland, manages growth, and provides a safe sustainable environment in which all citizens may live, work, shop, learn, and play.

Economic Development Job Creation Efficient Use of Infrastructure Protect Natural Resources Preserve Rural Character Recommendations Create economic centers of business and commerce around existing infrastructure and identify areas designated for industrial and business parks, large scale commercial uses, and neighborhood commercial uses.

Modify an existing zoning district or create a new zoning district to enable development of Employment Centers. Emphasize the use of master planning for the designated areas. Designations Commercial Retail Service Recreation

Town Area Mix of Nonresidential & Residential In Keeping with Nearby Towns Employment Center Concentration of nonretail employment and institutional uses and services such as medical, office, manufacturing, light industrial development Quality design and architecture.

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