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Lockout-Tagout - miningquiz.com

Lockout Tagout Control Of Hazardous Energy You Will Learn Purpose of lockout-tagout

Requirements for LOTO Types of hazardous energy Procedures for LOTO Regulations 56.12016 Work on electrically

powered equipment 56.12017 Work on power circuits 56.14105 Procedures during repairs or maintenance

56.14211 Blocking equipment in a raised position This Happens Often

Employee accidentally leaned on the start switch & turned on

the machine himself... Lockout Prevents release of hazardous

energy Lock placed on appropriate energy isolating device that is in the off or closed position Tagout

Identifies problem Identifies lockout date Identifies person Used by itself only

when cannot be locked out Lockout/Tagout Use

Repaired Serviced Lubricated Cleaned Un-jammed Adjusted

Maintained Guard removed Causes Of Injury Failure to stop equipment Failure to disconnect from

power source Failure to bleed energy Accidental restarting of equipment Failure to clear work areas

before restarting Some Types of Energy Electrical

Mechanical Chemical Thermal Hydraulic Pneumatic

Mechanical Energy Kinetic - machinery in motion Gears Belts Potential - stored energy

Weights (gravity) & springs Pistons under pressure Hydraulic controls Potential Energy (Gravity)

LOTO Procedure 1. Prepare for shutdown 2. Shutdown equipment 3. Isolate all energy sources 4. Apply locks & tags

5. Verify isolation 6. Control stored energy 7. Prepare for Startup 1. Prepare Plan your work & locate

instructions Understand equipment hazards Notify others of shutdown

2. Shutdown Normal shutdown procedure Turn all switches to OFF Shut all control valves 3. Isolate Sources

Disable all energy sources Shut valves Open breakers

& disconnects 4. Apply Locks Valves Breaker &

electrical disconnects Block or disconnect all lines

Lockout Devices Plug locks Ball valve Electrical

Gate valve Hasp Pneumatic Hydraulic

Use of Locks Use only locks issued to you lock all energy isolation gear Never use another workers

lock or tag Tell supervisor if you need more LOTO equipment 5. Verification Prior to servicing or

maintenance, authorized employee must verify that equipment is isolated by turning it on

6. Control Stored Energy Block or release springs or other tension Block elevated parts Stop rotating flywheels

Relieve system pressure Drain fluids Vent gases 7. Prepare for Startup

Put all guards back Remove tools Inform others of startup Restore system connections Remove locks & tags Restore equipment to normal

Conduct normal startup Who Can Remove Locks & Tags? Only the employee who

placed the lock and/or tag A supervisor, after obtaining permission from the worker who placed the tag Question

Equipment already has a lock and tag on it. Do I have to place my own locks & tags? YES. everyone working on

equipment must place their own locks and tags Contractors All contractor employees

must follow plant LOTO procedures! Why Workers Dont Lockout Performed or witnessed

someone doing work without lockout Disconnecting device too far away or not convenient Worker alone and felt no need

to lockout Not wanting to stop production Dump Bed Locking

Adequate Blocking? How did he get this blocked? In order to properly block or secure any piece of mobile equipment, you

must block or pin all articulation joints. Failure to properly secure articulation could result in vehicle Sometimes the Instructions Are Handy

What is This Pin For? Is This Machine Blocked Adequately? How is This For Blocking?

Works for Me but Whats The Wire For? Locked and Tagged, But Tag Could Be Improved! Adequate Blocking?

Adequate Blocking? Adequate Blocking? Adequate Blocking?

Adequate Blocking? Adequate Blocking? Adequate Blocking?

Adequate Blocking? Adequate Blocking? Adequate Blocking?

Think First Jaw crusher turned off No locks in sight

Yellow hat is a man inside... LOTO Protects You Use proper lockout - tagout

procedures Please be careful when working on


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