Los verbos -AR

Los verbos -AR

Day 32 Exploratory 6 de enero Los verbos I can demonstrate how to conjugate ar verbs. Pronouns: takes the place of a noun.

There are 10 pronouns used in Spanish. nosotros/as-we Yo-I Singular Plural

Tu-you (familiar) Vosotros/as-you all (familiar) Yall-used only in Spain l-he

Ella-she Usted(Ud)You (formal) Ellos-they Ellas- they (all females) Ustedes (Uds)-you all (formal)

Las personas-from the speakers perspective singular plural 1s

1p 2s 2p

3s 3p Hay 3 tipos de verbos: 1. -AR

hablar 2. -ER comer

3. -IR vivir TODOS los verbos tienen 2 partes:

a. La raz (stem) b. La terminacin (ending) ejemplo: Hablar

raz Habl terminacin ar Need to know: Conjugate,

infinitive Conjugate- Change the ending of the verb to tell who is doing the action.

Infinitive-A verb in its base form a) Stemb) Ending- Para conjugar los verbos

When you conjugate a verb: a. KEEP the stem THEN b. Change the ending to the appropriate subject.

Important Vocabulary Infinitive: Conjugate The most basic form of a verb.

To change a verbs ending to tell who is doing the action. In Spanish, infinitives always end in -ar, -er, or -ir. English, the term is usually used to refer to the "to + verb" form of

the verb such as "to run" or "to eat. Think Chameleon Las terminaciones para verbos de -AR

yo -o t -as Ud./l/ella -a

nosotros (as) -amos vosotros (as) -is Uds./ellos/ellas -an

Las definiciones COMPLETAS Every conjugated verb has: 3 COMPLETE definitions They all mean the same thing in the PRESENT tense.

yo hablo I talk I do talk I am talking Para practicar

Mi amigo baila Nosotros tocamos My friend dances We touch

My friend does dance We do touch We are touching

My friend is dancing ms prctica t usas Paqui y Nestor entran Paqui y Nestor enter

You use Paqui y Nestor do enter You do use

Paqui y Nestor are entering You are using REMEMBER!

You can NEVER say: Yo soy canto to mean = I am singing You MUST ONLY say Yo canto.

canto Los verbos -AR alquilar ayudar

bailar buscar* calificar

caminar cantar cocinar contestar

cuidar descansar desear*

ensear entrar ganar hablar

llegar practicar preparar

Presentar (presentacin aburrida) trabajar usar


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