LS1 [email protected] status -

LS1 BLM@LHC status -

LS1 [email protected] status 24/03/2014 Surface racks P2 -/+, to change the configuration P1, P3, P5, P6 , P7, P8 Pt4 - dismounted: - 4 extensions in hall of P4 - 1 door from P3 - bld 283 - ventilators are in Christoss office - BL electronics - Seghaier for cleaning

Rack configuration: R L I C BLM re-installation (1) Current status of DS+ARC installation: Sector 6-7 - done Sector 5-6 done April 2nd Russian Team exchange ( to 30.06) Sector 7-8 - done Requested SEMs was dismounted in L8 Sector 8-1: start at R8 Requested SEMs was dismounted in R8 as well as LICs at R7 -New Installation ( +LHCb) -Ions Request for new installation From: John Jowett

Sent: 21 March 2014 16:16 Subject: RE: RE: BLMs for heavy ion losses IR2, both left and right, where we seem to be missing coverage is in the connection cryostat next to the Q11. Can we have some BLMs there even though they are not shielded by a magnet cold-mass ? IR1 and IR5: similarly for the connection cryostat. In general, if coupling the BLMs means not knowing which of two BLMs has the higher loss, then we should avoid doing so. - Barbaras request to dismount SEMs and install LICs in P6 ( mail form 13.03.2014). - BLMQI.01L8.B1E30)MQXA(BPMSW) - change of expert name ( Christos question from 10.03) List what we need to be work before RSM: Installation, surface rack, tunnel rack, DB, Request to move the source on surface Procedure LSS installation (MKI,MKD) BLM re-installation (2) LIC: installation and fixation

On Support : Exchange to this type On cryostat : Fit to LIC Divers Slot Labels for 4 sectors ( after changes of expert names) beginning of April (2nd Rteam) Label for new short cable (BJBDV - BJBAP), ECR for HV divider is released Coating of rest of supports and brides to outside of CERN, RAL3020 + schedule? Plastic boxes and old supports from tunnel to SPS storage bld (Remo?) beginning of

April , 2nd team will take it from 4 sectors Order the additional materials for installation: 1000 m(HV) and 3000 m(BNC) cables; 35 bobins (*45 m in each) of metallic strips. Rad Source test ( 2 sources ) ready to end of July LICs tests and shrinking at GIF is done FIC production : Materials to send: resistors ordered but 1 month delivery List of materials, cost and amount of IC new production ( Q4,2013-Q1,2014)

GIF and GIF++ GIF and GIF++ status: GIF will operate up to Middle of August, 2013 (FIC tests in July, 2013) GIF++ will operate from Middle of January, 2014 (IC tests in February,2014) GIF: May 2013-remove the barrack shrinking machine to ? GIF++: install the cables in May 2013(? Insulated patch panels) New EDH access to bunker Tunnel racks and HV divider HV divider installation: Installed in all standard locations in all Points, except L6

In special cases not installed, but long cables was ordered ( Remo) - ? L5: restoration of racks after He spill test Racks CFC cards : ready for installation ( Ion or Russian team)

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