Disaster at Lynmouth. Date 15 and 16 August 1952 How Long? 1 night Location

Lynmouth, Simonsbath, Filleigh, Middleham (never rebuilt) Deaths 34 Protery Damage

Substantial What happened On the 15th and 16th of August 1952, a storm of tropical started over in south-west England. It is thought that a cold front started a thunderstorm, and the storm worsened. An immediate surface run-off occurred and it caused a flash flood. Large amounts of floodwaters moved down the northern

part, converging upon the village of Lynmouth; a dam was formed by fallen trees. This caused potential energy to form and after a while the water broke through the dam sending a huge wave of water and fragments down that river. Effects The normally picturesque holiday village was evacuated as troops and council workers

were brought in to clear the devastation. Hundreds of people were left homeless. The water, gas or electricity supply was cut. All the boats in the harbour had been washed out to sea. Four main road bridges had been swept away and many other less important bridges. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed. Prevention

Following the Lynmouth flood disaster, flood management plans were put in place to try and ensure such a disaster could not happen again by managing any excess rain water so that the River could handle it in the in the future: Preventions

The mouth of the East Lyn was widened to increase capacity and allow water to quickly pass into the Bristol Channel. The West Lyn was not redirected, instead being allowed to follow its natural course. Floodplain zoning was used to identify areas around the river most at risk from flooding. Bridges were made wider and taller to allow flood water to travel quickly beneath them and to reduce the likelihood of debris becoming trapped. Embankments were built by the river to increase channel

capacity and reduce the likelihood of flooding. More trees were planted upstream in the source area to try and reduce initial surface runoff. Photos

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