Madelyn Hunter - Sr. Mary Ann's Resource Sharing

Madelyn Hunter - Sr. Mary Ann's Resource Sharing

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She did not originally plan out a 7 Step Lesson Plan. Educators who followed created the steps based on her philosophies. Its misuse is largely responsible to objections to Direct Instruction Madeline Hunters 7 Step Lesson Plan Getting students set to learn

Instruction Step 4: Input and Modeling Checking for Understanding

Step 1: Review Step 2: Anticipatory Set Step 3: Objective Step 5: Checking Understanding Step 6: Guided Practice Independent Practice

Step 7: Independent Practice Getting students set to learn Step One: Review Review previous material that is

relevant to this lesson Typically at the beginning of the lesson Step Two: Anticipation A short wake-up activity Simple question Example problem

Motivational Activity Prompt Visual Stimulation: video clip, audio clip, etc. Step Three: Objective Tell students what they will learn Tell them how they will be assessed

Click here to retu rn to Hunters 7 S tep Lesson Plan Instruction Step Four: Instruction Input

Click here to Summarizing definitions return to Hunters Demonstrating basic skills7 Step Lesson Plan Modeling Demonstrate the application of concepts and skills with a worked-through example Teacher demonstration

Checking For Understanding Step Five: Checking Understanding Guided Practice

Have learners do the exercises Monitoring Informal or observational assessment at Steps 3 and 4 Additional assessment at Steps 5 and 6 to determine need for reteaching Step Six: Closure

Reinforce the major points to be learned Helps organize the students learning Cue students that they have arrived at an important part of the lesson Click here to return to Hunters 7 Step Lesson

Plan Independent Practice Step Seven: Independent Practice Students practice on their own Apply the learning to new situations

Could be used as: Homework Individual or group work at home or in class Element in a subsequent project Click here to return to Hunters 7 Step Lesson Plan Summary of Hunters

Philosophy Not each of the "seven steps" need be in every lesson nor should every lesson be based on the seven steps; however, the seven steps make a good check list of elements in planning a lesson. The instructional purpose and the best way to involve the learner are the guides for what to choose in planning a lesson.

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