Malware Protection - Murray State University

Malware Protection - Murray State University

Malware Protection By Joshua T. I. Towers 13.3 $13.3 billion was the direct cost of malware for business in 2006 direct costs are defined as labor costs to analyze, repair and cleanse infected systems, loss of user productivity, loss of

revenue due to loss or degraded performance of system, and other costs directly incurred as the result of a malware attack 29,354,5 32 Microsoft desktop antimalware products cleaned computers in the united

states 29,354,532 times in 2009 http:// What is Malware? malware is Short for "malicious software," malware refers to software programs designed to damage or do other unwanted

actions on a computer system. Types of Malware Viruses Worms Trojan Horses Spyware RootKits Viruses

Most well know form of malware Replicates self Attaches to files and emails Spreads from machine to machine allaboutinfections2.html Worm Replicates self Spreads through network traffic Attaches to

files 2010/09/six-mysteries-about-stuxnetcomputer.html Trojan Horses Can not replicate self Disguised as

interesting or useful programs or links May drop off other forms of malware into your system Articles/trojan_horse_software.html

Spyware Can not replicate self Usually hidden inside of other more appealing programs and links Accesses

personal info and transmits it back to its source RootKits Individual or collection of programs used to gain admin

access with out being detected Turns computers into zombies for the use of their creator zombie-computer.htm

Threats of Malware Efficiency loss Malware can remain active with out your knowledge and slow your computer or network down. Open back doors A back door is a hole in a computers security that can be used by either the creator or, other malware, or hackers. Threats of Malware cont.

Stealing information through the use of such tools as key loggers malware can steal personal information (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) Downloading of unwanted content Some malware will download unwanted content onto you computer Nature of Malware Evolution As time passes new different malicious acts are

added to the repertoire of malware. Expansion New malware is added to the long list all the time Defense Simple steps for basic protection against malware

Make sure your fire wall is active Keep your operating systems updated Keep your anti-spyware software updated Keep your anti-virus software updated Use strong passwords Anti-Virus Software BitDefender Antivirus Kaspersky Anit-Virus Webroot Antivirus Norton AntiVirus

ESER Nod32 Antivirus AVG AntiVirus G DATA AntiVirus Avira AntiVir Vipre Antivirus Trend Micro Titanium Criteria for choosing Scope of Protection Effectiveness

Ease of installation and setup Ease of use Features Updates Help and Support The Ridding Simple steps for the removal of some malware Create a backup

Scan for malware Clean the registry Run operating system updates Remove any recently added hardware or software If that doesnt work Safe Mode loads a bare bones version of windows and disables 90% of viruses and

their protection mechanisms. - http:// And scan again Whether those steps work or not there are COSTS IN CONCLUSION

Malware protection is very important References bldef_worm.htm bldef_worm.htm

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