Manifest Destiny - Socorro Independent School District

Manifest Destiny - Socorro Independent School District

Manifest Destiny Unit 7 Causes and Effects of Manifest Destiny United States

Territorial Acquisition Map What is Manifest Destiny? The belief that the United States was destined by God to expand

throughout the Continent. What was the Northwest Ordinance? Passed in 1787 and set up an orderly way for

western lands to become states. How did the Northwest Ordinance allow territories to become states? When the population reached 5,000 the settlers

could elect their own legislature and become a territory. When the population reached 60,000 they could apply for full statehood.

Why did the United States grow westward? Americans wanted land. Americans wanted gold. White Americans felt superior to Native Americans, Mexicans,

British, etc. (Racism). What were the economic causes of Manifest Destiny? Cheap land so that families could farm for themselves. Opportunities to start

businesses. Maybe get rich quick with gold. What were the social causes of Manifest Destiny? Racism.

The belief that one race is better than others. What were the political causes of Manifest Destiny? As American

territories grew westward. States had to decide to be free or slave. People moved to turn states free or slave.

What were the effects of Manifest Destiny? The United States got bigger. Native Americans and Mexicans lost territory. The United States became

an emerging world power. The U.S. Mexican War What was the Texas Revolution? Texas was a part of Mexico but revolted and

became its own country in 1836. Texas wanted to be annexed (become a state) for safety and money reasons.

Why was Texas Annexation controversial? Texas was annexed (admitted as a state) in 1845. Mexico was upset because they felt

Texas still belonged to them. What border issue led to the U.S. Mexican War? Mexico and the United States disagreed about their

border (Nueces River v. Rio Grande). The Mexican and U.S. army fought in conflicted area and the U.S. Mexican War began.

Why is the U.S. Mexican War seen as a War of Northern Aggression? The U.S.-Mexican War was an attempt to gain more land. The border fight was just an excuse for

war. What is the Treaty of GuadalupeHidalgo? Treaty that ended the U.S. Mexican War in 1848. The United States gained California, Arizona, New

Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada (CANCUN). What is the Mexican Cession? The Mexican Cession are the lands that Mexico lost to the United States in the

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada (CANCUN). What was the Gadsden Purchase?

Land purchased in 1854 for 10 million dollars. The land purchased allowed for a transcontinental railroad (across the

nation). Other Territorial Gains What was the Louisiana Purchase? 1803. Purchased from France for 25

million dollars. Doubled the size of the United States. How did the United States gain the Oregon Territory?

The Oregon Territory was established in a compromise with the British in 1846. What was Sewards Folly (Alaska)?

Alaska was purchased from Russia by William Seward for 7.2 million dollars. Trails and Migration During

Manifest Destiny What was the Mormon Trail? Mormons were being threatened for their religious ideas and traveled to Utah

from Missouri and Illinois from 18461868. Why is the Mormon Trail important? Mormons used the trail to practice their religious

freedom, just like the Puritans and Pilgrims. Mormons turned Utah from a desert into a successful community. Utah Before

Utah After What was the Santa Fe Trail? Route or road from Mexico City and Mississippi River that

went through Santa Fe, New Mexico. Why is the Santa Fe Trail important? Important for trade, used as the invasion

route for the U.S. during the U.S.Mexican War. What was the Oregon Trail? Trail used from 1811 until the 1890s. Trail was from the

Mississippi River to Oregon. Why is the Oregon Trail important? Over 400,000 used the trail and it helped populate the

west of the United States. Physical Geography and Manifest Destiny What is Physical Geography?

The climate, soil, rivers, mountains, and vegetation of a place. Why is the Mississippi River important?

The largest river in the United States. The river is used for transportation and for farming. Why are the Great Plains

important? Flat land without hills, mountains, and very few trees. The water underneath the ground (aquifers) made the Great Plains

great farmland. Why are the Rocky Mountains important? The highest mountains in the United States. The Rockies are very hard

to cross which made the U.S. buy the Gadsden Purchase. Why was the Pacific Ocean important? The largest Ocean in

the world. The Pacific Ocean was the goal destination of Manifest Destiny. How did physical geography cause

the California Gold Rush? The gold in California brought thousands of people to the state. First step in making California the most populous state in America.

Manifest Destiny and People How did Manifest Destiny affect the lives of millions of people? During Manifest Destiny, thousands of miles of land

became American. Some groups lost land, others gained land and opportunity. Everyones life was changed. How did Manifest Destiny affect Native Americans?

Native Americans lost most of their land during Manifest Destiny and were often moved to remote reservations.

How did Manifest Destiny affect Europeans? Europeans from many countries, but mostly Irish, British, and Germans came to America looking

for land, work, and religious freedom. How were the Irish-Americans treated in America? Irish Americans were discriminated

against because they were Catholic and poor. How were Asian-Americans treated in America? Asian Americans

were treated unfairly because of racism and they were seen as competition for work. How were Mexican-Americans

treated in America? Mexican-Americans were given citizenship in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, but they were discriminated

against heavily.

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