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Marie de France 1155-1189 Biography Earliest female poet in France Her name Educated Henry II Normandy area Works Lais (1155-1170) 12 lais Prefaced with the information that she is translating many of them

from Breton lais for the first time. Ysopet (1167-1189) First known translation of Aesops Fables into French Espurgatoire de Saint Patrice (1189) Legend of the Purgatory of Saint Patrick Journey through purgatory What is a lai exctly? Meant to be sung Octosyllabic rhyming couplets Characterized by adventure and romance Elements of the fantastic

Marie de Frances particular lais: Romance with an ominous atmosphere Focus on feelings of the characters rather than the story itself Le Laustic Lanval Knights of St. Malo Rossignol Fate of love Why this is characteristic of Marie de France.

Knight of King Arthurs court Secret love Accusations of homosexuality Loss of love Reuniting of the lovers Le Bisclavret Les Deux Amants Werewolf curse

Set in Normandy Barron of Brittany Mountain test Clothing Secret affair Wifes betrayal Potion

Kings protection Fate Revenge The Mountain of the Two Lovers Guigemer Yonec

Knight of Brittany Rich landowner Disinterested in love Imprisoned 7 years Deers curse Knight must prove faith Mysterious ship

Razors Locked up Blood trail Chastity belt Ring & Sword Meriaduc Son: Yonec

Conclusion Reoccurring themes in the lais of Marie de France. Works Cited Bishop, Morris and Rivers, Kenneth T., eds. A Survey of French Literature. Newburyport: Focus Publishing, 2005. Print. Les Lais De Marie De France. Trans. Paul Tuffrau. Paris. 1959 The Broadway Anthology of British Literature. Peterborough: Broadview Press, 2011 Print.

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