Marietta High School Counseling Department

Marietta High School Counseling Department

Marietta High School Counseling Department 2014 - 2015 Who are we? Students are assigned to counselors by last name Ms. Joann Kinlaw: A Dr Ms. Nancy Hill: Ki Ra Ms. Chenedra Corbin: Ds Kh Ms. Betsy Alpert: Rb Z Ms. Sheila Colquitt Graduation Coach

Where are we located? Guidance Departme nt Weight Room Nurses Clinic Athletic Office How do I make an appointment? Step 1

On the desk to your left when you enter Counseling Office, pick up a Counselor Appointment Request form Step 2 Fill out a Counselor Appointment Request form & your counselor will be in contact with you Why should I meet with my counselor? Schedule

issues Transcript questions Credit recovery Graduation requirements Personal issues (at school or at home) Dual Enrollment When should I meet with the Graduation Coach (Ms. Colquitt)? Information PLC regarding

(Performance Learning Center) GAC (Georgia Achievement Center) Alternative education options GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Subject English Math Science Social Studies CTAE, Foreign Lang., or Fine Arts Health/Personal Fitness

Electives Total Units 4 4 4 3 3 unit each 4 23

Required Courses 1 unit of American Literature or AP Language Math Support DOES NOT count for graduation 1 unit Physical Science or Physics 1 unit of Biology 1 unit of Chemistry or Environmental Science 4th Science (e.g., Food Science, Anatomy, etc.) 1 unit World History 1 unit U.S. History unit Economics unit American Government or Citizenship This area can be a combination Students can exempt this requirement if they have completed 3 years of ROTC

Examples PE, Journalism, Sociology, etc. Students must also pass the Georgia Writing Test (given 11 th grade). What do I need to be a junior next year? 12 credits 2

1 1 2 units of English (Reading does not count) unit of Science units of Social Studies units of Math Math Support DOES count for promotion purposes but DOES NOT count for graduation purposes

EXAMPLE: You can be promoted to 11th grade if you pass Geometry A & Geometry A Support but you fail Geometry B. However, you will have to make up the Geometry B during Credit Recovery or Summer School for graduation purposes. What is Dual Enrollment? Students earn high school AND college credit while enrolled in high school Minimal cost (or in some cases free!) Must be a rising junior or senior Must earn qualifying scores on either SAT/ ACT or COMPASS test (given at MHS in fall & spring)

Be aware of deadlines KSU is in midJanuary, Chat Tech is in May, etc. Why should I care about my grades now? You want to be promoted to 11th grade You do not want to have to do credit recovery either after school, attend summer school ($220 per half credit), or double up on credits next year Eligibility for sports, extra-curricular activities, and Dual Enrollment Good, solid GPA College & post-secondary options

Scholarship opportunities including HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarships PSAT All sophomores take PSAT on Wed, Oct 15 PSAT promotes college readiness by providing students, parents, and educators with detailed feedback on students skills as well as tools for improvement and college planning Students will receive PSAT

information from homeroom advisor Where can I find out more information about the MHS Counseling Department? 1. Go to MHS homepage (http:// 2. Select Counseling 3. Explore MHS Counseling Page Questions?

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