Mars, Pyramids and Changes in the Solar System

Mars, Pyramids and Changes in the Solar System

Life Life on on Mars? Mars? Check the Original NASA Data! Please review these Websites Please see these Websites for more information:

Contact: Andrew Johnson [email protected] 2 What Colour is the Sky on Mars? Richard Hoagland states that when Viking Landed on Mars, the initial pictures showing a Grey/Bluish sky (left) were deliberately changed, in the 1st 2 hours, to show the reddish colour (right). Barry E. DiGregorio and Dr Gilbert V. Levin corroborate this story in a book called Mars: The Living Planet (ISBN: 1883319587) 3 Viking Surface Pictures - 2

4 Holger Isenberg has taken original Viking Lander image data and reprocessed and enhanced it to produce the image below What Colour is the Sky on Mars? NASAs own version is on the left. A reprocessing of the data

with properly adjusted filters gives the image on the right. 5 6 What Colour is the Sky on Mars? #1 Viking Did it Indeed Discover Microbial Life?, 28 July 2001: Several scientists have found compelling evidence that Viking Mars landers did indeed discover life on the red planet in 1976. A re-examination of findings relayed to Earth by the probes some 25 years ago, claim the experts, show the tell-tale signs of microbes lurking within the Martian soil The inventor of the Labelled Release experiment, Gilbert Levin said "The Viking LR experiment detected living microorganisms in the soil of Mars," He added that after years of tests, and over two dozen non-biological explanations later, "none of the many attempts to establish the oxidant's mimicry of the LR data did so." Gilbert Levin

7 More Anomalies Arthur C. Clarke (acclaimed Author) has stated his beliefs about the discoveries on Mars. On 06 June 2001, he said: "I'm quite serious when I say have a really good look at these new Mars images, Clarke said. "Something is actually moving and changing with the seasons that suggests, at least, vegetation," he said. Clarke repeated several times that he was serious about his observations, pointing out that he sees something akin to Banyan trees in some MGS photos.

8 9 Trees? Found near the Polar Region MGS image m0804688a. look like Banyan trees explains noted writer, Arthur Clarke. Conversely, James Rice, a planetary geologist at Arizona State University said: "Most of the images in question that I looked over are of

dunes in the polar regions. They are beginning to defrost as winter draws to a close. The sand composing the dunes is dark and frost is bright, thereby causing the spotted pattern as the dune defrosts. This is not vegetation but rather the natural defrosting of dunes and sand sheets." 1.4 km or 0.9 miles Blotches Image M04-00604 These strange

blotches are found in the bottom of a crater. They are up to 50 meters (160 feet) across. What are they? 10 Inca City - 1 From the MSSS Web site: Mariner 9 image DAS 8044333 Inca City is the informal name

given by Mariner 9 scientists in 1972 to a set of intersecting, rectilinear ridges that are located among the layered materials of the south polar region of Mars. Their origin has never been understood; most investigators thought they might be sand dunes, either modern dunes or, more likely, dunes that were buried, hardened, then exhumed. 11 MGS Image of The Face MGS has

photographed the face again on several occasions, one of the later images being shown here. NASA generally take the view that these new images indicate the face is more likely to be a natural feature. However, simply look at the Curved top, relatively straight sides and curved bottom!

Face in May 2001 MOC image - E03-00824 12 T Structure MGS Image SP243004 (South east of Olympus Mons) Natural channels rarely end in a perpendicular 'T'shape for obvious reasons. I could find no other references to this

image which attempted to explain its origin. 13 Glass Tubes? MGS Image M04-00291 To me, these look like regular probably artificial structures. Realists say there are Sand Dunes or piled up rocks. 14

Golf Ball Dome? This is from MGS Image m1501228. This looks to me like some halfburied domed structure, with ribbing showing through. I could find no NASA (or other qualified explanation for this structure) only questions. Perhaps it is even a Geodesic Dome:

15 Caterpillar 3.3 km (2 miles) below the Golf Ball is this structure (on image strip m1501228) I couldnt find any explanation from NASA about this image.

This page: lowell2004/ m has an analysis of this image, and states that the MOLA data for this image is under Peer Review and therefore not accessible. More on the USGS Web Site if you want to check it yourself! 2.1 km or 1.3 miles 16

Gusev Crater 17 A comparison between the publicly accessible Mars Express Images and those from MGS. This is where the Spirit Rover has landed. These images seem to support the claim that either NASA images have been filtered and/or camera equipment designed deliberately to be insensitive to the detection of Chlorophyll (the compound responsible for photosynthesis in plants). Mars Express Image

Mars Global Surveyor Image 18 View from Opportunity From the Endurance Crater comes this, on 25th June 2004. Could this be sedimentary rock? Squared off Blocks?? 19

More Strange Objects A NICE PANORAMA BUT WHATS THIS? 20 MUD ON MARS! How can these ridges form in dry, dusty Sand?

Scientists Scientists are are intrigued intrigued by by the the marks marks Spirit's Spirit's airbags airbags left left on on the the surface. surface. The The soil soil shows shows an an

unusual unusual cohesiveness, cohesiveness, almost almost as as if if the the soil soil grains grains were were stuck stuck together together like like mud. mud. Steve Steve Squyres Squyres is

is also also puzzled: puzzled: "The "The way way in in which which the the surface surface has has responded responded is is bizarre. bizarre. It It looks looks like like mud,

mud, but but it it can't can't be be mud. mud. 21 Interesting Spherules & a Circle!! 22 Why isnt NASA talking about the Fossils on Mars? 23 Why isnt NASA talking about the Fossils on Mars? 24

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