Mary Shelley - Jessamine County

Mary Shelley - Jessamine County

Introducing MARY SHELLEY BIRTH Born in London in 1797 Parents: Mary Wollstonecraft & William Godwin

Mother died of a fever soon after the baby was born. One half-sister, Fanny (3 years older) THE PARENTS Both parents were considered intellectual rebels of their time.

Mary William Godwin Wollstonecraft STEPMOTHER TROUBLES *Resented Marys close relationship with her father. *Did not encourage Marys

education *Made Mary do household chores. *Regularly invaded Marys privacy. *Kept Mary from spending time with her dad. TRIP TO SCOTLAND

*Marys dad sent her to stay with friends in Scotland. *She experienced two things there: the love of happy family and the beautiful Scottish scenery. *Both of these elements played important roles later when she wrote Frankenstein.

PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY * Disciple of her fathers philosophical ideas *Married to Harriet Westbrook Shelley *Highly educated *Writer and Poet *Wealthy

*Idealistic *Became dissatisfied with his wife *Mary and Percy declared their love for each other in June of 1814 RUNAWAY *Godwin forbade Percy to come to the house. *Percy attempted suicide.

*Mary ran away with him to France (her step-sister Jane came too!). TRAVEL Mary wrote in her journal on 19 December 1822: "France--Poverty--a few days of solitude & some uneasiness--A tranquil residence in a beautiful spot-Switzerland--Bath--Marlow--Milan--The Baths of Lucca--Este--Venice--Rome-Naples--Rome & misery--Leghorn-Florence Pisa--Solitude The Williams--The

Baths--Pisa--These are the heads of chapters--each containing a tale, BIRTH, DEATH, MOTHERHOOD *Mary gave birth to 4 children (only one survived to adulthood) and had a miscarriage with her 5 th pregnancy. *Her half sister Fanny committed

suicide. *Percys wife Harriet committed suicide. BIRTH, DEATH, MOTHERHOOD On 19 March 1815 she recorded in her journal: "Dream that my little baby came to life again--that

it had only been cold & that we rubbed it before the fire & it lived." THE BIRTH OF FRANKENSTEIN *Spring of 1816 *Lake Geneva, Switzerland: Lord Byron, her step sister, Byrons physician, Percy,

and Mary. *Ghost Stories *Ch. 5 of the novel her original short story *Finished full novel- 1817 *Published 1818 SCIENCE OF FRANKENSTEIN *Scientists discovering the potential of

electricity. *Luigi Galvani- experiments with animal tissue MYTHOLOGY OF FRANKENSTEIN Original title for Frankenstein: The Modern Promethus Promethus- Greek myth; brought fire to man;

symbol of creative striving Percy Shelley wrote poetic drama Promethus Unbound AFTER FRANKENSTEIN *Wrote a novella: Mathilda *Grew apart from Percy. *1822- Percy dies in a boat accident. *Wrote more novels and some non-fiction

biographies. *Published Percys poetry with long biographical notes. *Supported her father financially. *Died from a brain tumor in 1851. ROMANTICISM ROMANTIC MOVEMENT

1798-1832 Post revolutionary period: economic suffering and social disorder Industrial Revolution Movement in art and literature was based in part on the feeling of optimism about human possibilities that was present in Western culture after the American and French Revolutions.

CHARACTERISTICS OF ROMANTICISM Innovation Freedom of thought and expression

Spontaneity Idealization of Nature (nature poets) Visionary Imagination (sometimes nightmarish) CHARACTERISTICS OF ROMANTICISM The Romantic discovers what he

hopes are new values, new experience patterns, and his impulse is to rebel against any restriction upon that process of discovery, that quest for new and higher truth. FAMOUS ROMANTIC POETS

William Blake John Keats Lord Byron Percy Shelley Samuel Taylor Coleridge William Wordsworth GOTHIC Purpose: To evoke terror and show the dark side of

human nature ELEMENTS OF GOTHIC LITERATURE ELEMENTS OF GOTHIC LITERATURE Often set in a medieval society or has medieval elements (castle) Mysterious disappearances

Horrifying events or the threat of them Supernatural occurrences Protagonist is solitary, egocentric, and passiondriven Heroine with a tendency to faint and a need to be rescuedfrequently Nature is used to create mood/atmosphere NATURE IS USED TO CREATE MOOD/ATMOSPHERE

Dungeons, underground passages, crypts, and catacombs, spooky basements or attics. Labyrinths, dark corridors, and winding stairs Shadows, a beam of moonlight in the blackness, a flickering candle, or the only source of light failing Extreme landscapes and extreme

OTHER GOTHIC WRITERS William Godwin Ann Radcliffe Horace Walpole Matthew Gregory Lewis Clara Reeve

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